Case Study: Leveraging AI Technology to Combat Survey Fraud 

The rise in survey fraud has posed significant challenges to maintaining data integrity. Market research data is susceptible to fraud, with recent statistics from Greenbook revealing an average fraud rate ranging from 15% to 30%. To address this growing issue, Canadian Viewpoint recognized the need for a robust solution to identify fraudulent respondents and validate their identities. Our tech team developed an AI-driven solution using face recognition technology as an additional tool to combat survey fraud effectively. 

The market research industry has witnessed an increase in fraudulent survey activity, causing concerns among industry leaders and our clients who rely on accurate data for decision-making. To address these concerns, it became crucial for us to find a solution that could verify the identity of respondents and detect fraudulent activities. 

Recognizing the urgency and significance of the problem, our tech team embarked on developing an AI-driven solution. Leveraging advanced face recognition technology, they created a robust system capable of detecting and validating the identity of survey takers. 

We showcased our cutting-edge technology at the Future of Insights Summit hosted by the Canadian Research Insights Council (CRIC). Through a live demonstration, attendees had the chance to experience our tools firsthand, witnessing their effectiveness. In a dedicated booth, participants interacted with our AI-driven tools, observing their ability to accurately detect and differentiate real humans from objects, animals, and more. Our AI face recognition system showcased its capability to detect various attributes such as age, sex, facial expressions, happiness, confidence levels, and even the presence of eyeglasses. This comprehensive feature set impressed attendees and further highlighted the power and versatility of our solution. The interactive demo not only deepened understanding of our technology but also instilled confidence in its ability to provide robust and detailed insights. 

We are actively integrating this tool into our proprietary panel, enabling us to enhance the authentication process and improve the quality of data collected. Looking ahead, we plan to leverage this technology for open-ended responses, video surveys, and other research methodologies, expanding its application and further strengthening our data validation efforts. 

Recognizing the prevalence of market research fraud and the importance of data integrity, we developed an innovative AI-driven solution. Leveraging face recognition technology, our system effectively identifies and validates survey takers, reducing fraudulent activities. This powerful tool maintains data integrity and combats fraud in market research. The live demonstration at the summit showcased our leadership and commitment to innovation. We look forward to integrating this tool into our operations, exploring its potential in various research areas, and providing reliable and trustworthy data to our clients. 

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