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Case Study: Leveraging AI Technology to Combat Survey Fraud 

Background  The rise in survey fraud has posed significant challenges to maintaining data integrity. Market research data is susceptible to fraud, with recent statistics from Greenbook revealing an average fraud rate ranging from 15% to 30%. To address this growing […]

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new research plan

What’s your plan for 2021? Pick up the pieces and try to somehow recover from 2020? Dive full steam ahead into anything and everything that comes your way in 2021? The best plan of action is probably a bit of […]

Ugly Innovations Turned Pretty: Smart glasses that will finally intrigue researchers

Remember these? Google Glass. The most amazing, smartest glasses ever made. Touted as a hands-free device for hands-free workers, they’re the ugliest pair of glasses you’ll ever own. Unless, of course, you’re wearing a pair held together with electrical tape. […]

Market Research Myths: Market research is questionnaires

This is a fortunate myth! Quantitative questionnaires are certainly one of the most common techniques used by market and social researchers. They have a prime advantage of allowing researchers, brand managers, market managers, and others who wish to understand their […]

What are the key features of a perfect package test?

Creating effective packaging to display products on a shelf is not as simple as stuffing a few handfuls of macaroni into a plastic bag or a box. A great package is functional, accessible, attractive, unique in its own right, and […]

When to use a probability versus a nonprobability sample

There are two main types of samples and researchers are regularly at odds with each other over which one is better. In reality, neither is better. Each one is better suited for some needs and less so for other needs. […]

From field to lab to virtual research methods: How to choose the right degree of external validity for your product shelf-test

Consumers don’t usually consciously think about their process of picking an item off the store shelf but market researchers do. Shelf-tests help researchers better understand that process, particularly when the consumer decision seems arbitrary or illogical. This type of research […]

Hello Marketing Research World!

With nearly 40 years of expertise in the Canadian market research space, we’ve collected together a lot of stories. Funny stories, heartwarming stories, and downright strange and outrageous stories. We’ve also learned a lot. Not only have we learned a […]