In Home Use Test (IHUT)

We have extensive experience conducting in-home usage tests across Canada and the USA. We’ve successfully offered a variety of products to consumers for testing in their own home including frozen and perishable products, as well as fragile and very large or heavy products. Food, beverage, personal care, health care, home care, pet care products and more can easily be tested.​


  • Natural environment: IHUTs allow respondents to test products in their natural environment with the tools, implements, furnishings, and appliances they would normally use with those products.
  • Broader audience: Learn how household members and friends of different ages, genders, and backgrounds experience the product.
  • No outside influencers: Unlike other in-person methodologies, in-home tests avoid the potential influences of outsiders.
  • Broader geography: IHUTs can easily gather opinions from people who live far from any central location. People who live in remote, rural, or low population locations can easily share their opinions without having to book a $1000 flight into the big city.
  • Difficult to recruit: Some people are simply unable to travel regardless how close the central location is.
  • Flexibility: Combine the method with in-the-moment surveys to gather audio and visual reactions and feedback.


Our experienced project directors provide in-depth briefings and thorough practice interview We love handling complicated logistics. We can help you decide whether products are delivered to consumers physically by mail, with the use of a coupon, or by pick-up at one of our central locations. And, if you choose a mail-out option, once you deliver your product to us, we will carefully label, package, and deliver the product to your target consumers. We’ll prepare and collect product evaluations, and summarize them for you using an easy to read dashboard. interviewer’s work.​


Whether you’re using your own list of existing consumers or taking advantage of our proprietary panels or mall intercept solutions, we can help you create the targeted sample you need for testing.​