How to Leverage Biometrics and AI Technology to Detect Fraud in Panel Entries

In the world of Market Research, where data is the cornerstone of decision-making, we are facing a crisis with Survey Fraud. The integrity of market research data faces continuous threats from fraudsters, jeopardizing the accuracy and reliability of insights that drive businesses forward. Traditional methods of combating fraud are inadequate, leaving the industry in a vulnerable position. 

At Canadian Viewpoint, we recognized the urgency of this issue and embarked on a groundbreaking journey to revolutionize the market research landscape. Our mission was clear: to shield the industry from fraud and ensure high-quality data for our clients. To tackle these concerns, it became imperative to find a solution for verifying the identity of respondents before they join our panels. Here’s how we accomplished this in different stages and added more components to our tool: 

We began by harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). We showcased our cutting-edge technology at the Future of Insights Summit in Toronto. Participants engaged with our AI-driven tools, witnessing firsthand their remarkable ability to distinguish real humans from objects, animals, and more. Our AI Face Recognition System astounded attendees by detecting attributes such as age, sex, facial expressions, emotions, confidence levels, and even the presence of eyeglasses. This technological leap not only enhanced our offerings but also showcased the potential for innovation within our industry. 

Recognizing the success of a novel Fintech validation technique relied upon by banks, we seized the opportunity to strengthen data quality in our industry. We proudly introduce this game-changing technology, which integrates ID validation and facial recognition through biometrics. In less than three minutes, a panelist can complete the verification process, effectively eradicating fraudulent participation and ensuring the highest data quality.  

Process Overview: 
Residency Confirmation: Initiate the process by selecting the country of residence 
User Input: Enter basic information – name, last name, and address 
Document Verification: Elevate validation with a secure government ID scan 
Biometric Confirmation: Conclude the process swiftly and securely with a quick selfie 

Upon completion of the user-friendly validation process, Facecap securely processes entered information, rigorously compares it with the scanned government ID, and conducts precise biometric analysis for identity verification. Moreover, Facecap employs generative AI to go beyond mere verification, crafting a description of the subject, providing attributes such as age, sex, facial expressions, emotions, confidence levels, and even the presence of eyeglasses, providing a comprehensive profile.  

In response to the pressing challenge of market research fraud and the critical need for data integrity, we have crafted an innovative AI-driven solution complemented by cutting-edge biometric technology. This combined approach empowers us to efficiently identify users with unparalleled precision. We remain committed to preserving data integrity and combatting fraudulent activities. We look forward to implementing this powerful technology to provide our clients with reliable and trustworthy data. 

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At Canadian Viewpoint, we’re not just shaping the future; we’re securing it. 

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