Mall intercept

CVI started conducting mall intercept studies over 40 years ago and is considered one of the leading authorities in Canada. Many firms have long since abandoned this methodology, but there are many advantages with it. Some studies just have to be conducted in a controlled environment and situation, and mall intercept is ideal for this. Not only is it deemed a secure and confidential environment for your brand or product IP, it can also nicely complement other methodologies.

We currently have 2 permanent Mall locations in the GTA: Centerpoint Mall at Yonge & Steeles in Toronto and Hillcrest Mall at Yonge & 16th in Richmond Hill. Both malls have weekly traffic of approximately 100,000 of a wide range of demographically diverse consumers and can provide a constant flow of fresh respondents.

We also have access to a network of mall locations in most major cities across Canada and the USA.

Offline Data Collection - Mall Intercept Research

CATI Telephone

We have a 60-station CATI center located inside our corporate head office in Richmond Hill. Our long-time staff is very experienced at reaching both French and English-speaking consumers, adept at getting past the “gatekeeper” to connect with B2B professionals (including C-level executives) and Medical professionals such as Doctors.

We offer in-house sampling using the ASDE survey sampler, which gives us the best tools to generate a random sample for your survey.

Our quality assurance practices include:

  • In-depth project briefings by experienced project directors and thorough practice interview sessions
  • Ongoing staff training and 15% validation of each interviewers work
  • We also offer remote recording and monitoring: experience quality interviewing for yourself.

Offline Data Collection - CATI Telephone Station

Pre-recruit to clt

In addition to mall intercept, we can conduct large, pre-recruited groups of consumers to central locations for quantitative tests in most major cities. Our network of experienced supervisors and interviewers spans all major markets across Canada and the U.S.

Offline Data Collection - Pre-Recruit to Central Location

Mystery shop and on-site/exit interviews

CVI has a large network of trained supervisors and staff across the country and experience working in retail stores, airports, movie theatres and outdoor locations like parks (seasonal).

We also have a network of experienced Mystery shoppers who have successfully visited various Retail Apparel stores, Home Improvement stores and cell phone providers.


Cannabis sensory testing

We are licensed in Canada to conduct cannabis sensory tests under strict protocols approved by Health Canada at our facility located in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Our experienced and trained staff direct and supervise participants to taste, smell, and feel cannabis products (smoking, edibles, beverages, etc.)