Marketing Research Calculators from T-Tests and Chi-Squares to Power and Effect Sizes

For those of us who analyze quantitative marketing research data with statistical packages like SPSS, SAS, and R, there is little need to find an online calculator. But every once in a while, you might find yourself with a little question that needs a quick statistical analysis rather than firing up a stats package and reformatting quantitative data into very specific layouts. Or maybe you just need to enter a few numbers from the summary table of an analytics dashboards.

For those situations, we have online calculators. There are quite a few good options from trustworthy source already available so you’re sure to find one here that either fits your specific data or feels easier to use.


Daniel Soper Free Statistics Calculators

This lovely, user-friendly site by Dr. Daniel Soper, a professor at California State University, offers more than 100 free statistics calculators for a range of needs like ANOVA, Chi-Square, confidence intervals, effect sizes, p-values, regression, sample sizes, and power.


Good Calculators

The Good Calculators Mathematics Statistics and Analysis Calculators are programmed to be used on a variety of browsers as well as mobile and tablet devices. Calculators are available for
Linear Regression,
One-Way ANOVA,
Sample Size,
Effect Size, , Margin of Error,
Advanced Statistics,
Box-and-Whisker Plot Maker. There’s also a normal distribution generator, and a
lottery number generator.


Math Portal

This math site offers free lessons, formulas and calculators, and includes calculators for a number of
descriptive statistics, probability, distributions,
t-tests, and
regressions, plus a whole lot of math formulas. This is definitely the place to get your math geek on!



This site helps you calculate many different statistics even if you don’t know the precise statistical name of what you’re trying to do. Simply enter your raw data and it offers all the basics like quartiles, mean, median, mode, standard deviation, correlations, regression analysis (linear, quadratic, exponential, cubic, power, logarithmic), and T-Tests.


omni Calculator

In an effort to help people make calculators fast, easy, and fun, this site provides a good range of statistics calculators for probability, combinations, odds, chi-square, confidence intervals, margin of error, and sample size. And if you really love calculators, you’ll find some for construction, home and garden, conversions, transportation, and a lot more!


Social Science Statistics

This site offers free resources for students and researchers in the social sciences, and includes a comprehensive list of calculators for significance testing, prediction, correlations, p values, effect sizes, and confidence intervals. You may be most interested in their calculators for Chi-Squares, Z-Tests, or Effect sizes.

Need help on a quantitative survey? We’d be happy to help you create an appropriate sample size to generate the power and effect sizes you want to see. Please get in touch with us!

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