Mystery Shopping

Our network of experienced mystery shoppers successfully visits retail locations such as apparel stores, home improvement stores, cell phone outlets, airports, movie theaters, and outdoor venues, as well as conducts online and telephone shopping tests, to evaluate retail services and the genuine consumer experience on your behalf. ​

Key measurements

Learn about the shopping experience in a holistic way as mystery shoppers participate in genuine shopping tasks. Collect data on key factors such as customer service, employee speed and friendliness, product selection and availability, up-sell experience, store cleanliness and more.


Mystery shopping allows you to gather on-site information from retail location across the country, in large cities, small towns, and rural areas, rather than a few local outlets.​

Mystery shoppers may take photographs, return items, contact the outlet via email, phone, or via social media channels during slow and peak times.​

They can even focus on unique shopping scenarios that are known to be troublesome.