Computer-Assisted telephone interviewing (cati)

Our in-house virtual 60 seats CATI center is staffed with experienced French and English interviewers. They are highly skilled at speaking with consumers, and adept at getting past the “gatekeeper” to connect with B2B professionals (including C-level executives) and medical professionals such as doctors.​


  • CATI research is a unique method of gaining insight from people who may not be members of a research panel, or people who are not existing clients/customers.
  • Interviewers can gather detailed follow-up information beyond specific questions on a questionnaire.​
  • CATI programs offer a full range of tools for telephone interviewing for small and large businesses.
  • CATI method is quick and efficient and provides high accuracy and high-quality data.

Quality ansurance

Our experienced project directors provide in-depth briefings and thorough practice interview sessions to staff. Staff training is ongoing and we validate a minimum of 15% of each interviewer’s work.​


We are experienced at sourcing high quality telephone research audiences, both high and low incidence. We offer in-house sampling using the ASDE survey sampler which gives us the best tools to generate a random sample for your survey. Whether you need radius sampling, random probability sampling via our RDD (Random Digit Dialing) services, precise targeting using our proprietary, validated consumer and medical panels, in-person mall intercepts, or recruiting from your client/customer list, we can help you get the sample you need to conduct high quality telephone interviews.​

Project menagment

Take advantage of our start to finish project and field management services including data tracking and monitoring, quota management, dashboard reporting, data tabulations and crosstabs, transcription, content analysis, text analysis, coding, and translation.​