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Intercept Research: The Ultimate Guide to Capturing Real-Time Consumer Insights 

Intercept research is a type of market research that involves approaching potential participants in a natural setting, such as a mall or store, to gather valuable data. These conversations or dialogues between trained interviewers and participants can cover a range […]

Discover Enhanced In-Facility Research Experience with Canadian Viewpoint

Discover Enhanced In-Facility Research Experience with Canadian Viewpoint – Offering Cost-Effective and Well-Equipped Solutions for Streamlined Data Collection In the post-COVID era, when consumer shopping behaviours are constantly changing, gaining an understanding of your target audience is vital for making […]

Canadian Viewpoint Premium Sample – Explore our Canadian proprietary panel and strategies on how to detect and prevent fraud  

Exacerbated by the pandemic, fraud spiked 20% in 2020 as digital behaviour shifted. According to Greenbook, new data shows on average, 15% to 30% of market research data is fraudulent. Market research fraud is not a new phenomenon, and it […]

The future of workplace experience with Canadian Viewpoint  

Over two years ago, we were forced to close our office and work from home. Our primary goal was to ensure the safety and wellness of our staff and to secure smooth operations for our clients. We assured our clients […]

Why is Metaverse important? What is the role of market research in the Metaverse?

The Metaverse is a parallel virtual world that has taken on a life of its own. Many brands have ventured into the next iteration of the internet after Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg in Connect 2021, announced that his […]

Explore the Power of AR & VR in Market Research – Unlock Consumer Behavior With Shelf-Testing

Consumers don’t usually consciously think about their process of picking an item off the store shelf, but market researchers do. Here at Canadian Viewpoint, we conduct shelf testing experiences to understand what drives purchases and intent for many industries. In […]

Why CATI? Top 3 factors that influence the success of your CATI surveys

CATI is one of the most used and efficient market research methodologies that obtains data by integrating four components: computer software, script, interviewer, and participants. In this method, the interviewer follows a computer-generated script and uses a keyboard to record […]

Celebrating Black History Month: The past, present, and future

Market research hinges on gathering data from a sample population that must represent a diverse audience. When a sample is not representative, it can lead to incorrect results and has ethical consequences. For the past 40+ years, we have ensured […]

Looking Forward to 2022

The pandemic has disrupted our lives for the past two years. It has forced us to ask and answer questions about our priorities and plans. Last year we focused on the resumption of growth and had to rewrite our strategies […]

Increase your survey response rates through visual design and usability

Designing an effective questionnaire requires more than just using the right words. While it is essential to ask the right questions, it is also crucial to avoid making design mistakes that could bias the results. Developing survey research takes time, knowledge, and skills. Anyone who writes survey questionnaires wants to be rewarded with high response rates. And you might ask, how does one reduce […]