Streamlining Qualitative Research Recruitment: The Canadian Viewpoint Approach

Locating suitable candidates to participate in a study can be challenging. Asking people to be a part of qualitative research, whether that involves in-person interviews as part of a mall intercept or online or offline focus groups at central locations around the country, requires much more than simply getting a yes or no from the participant. When conducting qualitative research, it is crucial to establish a method for finding suitable participants. It’s not only about locating individuals who are willing to participate in the study, but also about identifying those whose responses will be most valuable and relevant to the research.  

At Canadian Viewpoint, we are well-equipped to provide recruitment for both qualitative and quantitative studies through our diverse panel. Our proprietary and validated consumer and medical panels allow us to source high-quality targeted audiences. Additionally, we can recruit participants from our client list, providing them with reliable and relevant data for their research. 

About our Panel  

Our Canadian proprietary panel comprises over 300,000 highly engaged and responsive individuals who have been extensively profiled and validated through physical incentive cheques sent to their Canadian addresses. Our panel is double opt-in, bilingual, actively managed, and uses digital fingerprinting to ensure each computer has a unique identity to prevent survey duplication and non-Canadian IP addresses. To maintain quality, our project managers review data throughout the project lifecycle, remove fraudulent data, and ensure compliance with PIPEDA regulations.  

Our Recruitment Process  

At Canadian Viewpoint, we take pride in our comprehensive and systematic approach to qualitative recruitment. Our recruitment process comprises the following steps: 

  • Recruitment Screener: To ensure that we select the most suitable candidates for our studies, we utilize questionnaires as our initial screening method, and additionally, we have the capability to tailor a recruitment screener to specific targets. Our programmers code these screeners questionnaires, and we invite our panelists to complete them. We only select candidates who express interest and meet our criteria to proceed. Once all the screeners are completed, we review the data to ensure that we meet our quotas. We then reach out to those selected for a re-screening and confirmation screening call. 
  • Screening Phone Calls: Our trained interviewers contact the candidates who meet our criteria to confirm their interest and qualifications for the study. During the call, we review and reconfirm their responses, explain the study expectations, and address any queries they may have.
  • Reminders: We send a confirmation email or phone call (depending on the participants’ preferences) one day before the study begins. Additionally, we provide a reminder call on the day of the study to ensure that the participants are fully prepared and ready to participate. 

Our recruitment process involves multiple checkpoints that keep the participants engaged throughout. It is essential to understand how our process evaluates potential research participants before they participate in an interview, focus group, or any other type of study. By implementing this thorough process, we can select the best candidates for our research studies, ultimately leading to more accurate and insightful results. 

We are Agile  

When collaborating with a market research company, it is crucial to choose a partner who can handle various aspects of the research project. 

Here at Canadian Viewpoint, we have spent over 40+ years refining our processes to become a full-service market research firm that can better serve our clients. We incorporated digital capabilities into our services more than 20 years ago, and over the years, we have continued to enhance them. As a result, despite the pandemic’s interruption of in-person studies, our digital capabilities enabled us to conduct online studies without any disruption.  

Our in-house programming team is capable of providing complete sampling, questionnaire programming, and hosting for all quantitative and qualitative market and social research needs. 

We have evolved over the years by transitioning offline research methods into digital ones. We offer a range of customized services, including eye-tracking, facial coding, heatmaps, and shelf tests, among others. By providing such custom online tools, our clients can enhance their digital research experience or adapt advanced offline tools to the online world. Our team of tech experts can design and develop custom tools with enhanced features that can be seamlessly integrated into your surveys. 

Our CATI service is a valuable addition to our qualitative research offerings. With a virtual call center comprising over 60 seats, we can reach niche audiences that may be challenging to access otherwise. Our platform supports mixed-mode methodologies, and we frequently use our CATI capabilities to conduct IDI interviews in support of our other research services. 

In addition, our IHUTs service includes the capability to pack and mail products to consumer homes, and we can source high-quality target audiences through our proprietary and validated panels. We can help our clients decide whether products are delivered to consumers physically by mail, with the use of a coupon, or by pick-up at one of our central locations.  

We are a premier one-stop shop fieldwork expert.  

For over 40 years, we have been conducting qualitative and quantitative research. We pride ourselves on our quality assurance processes that often exceed industry standards. We offer panel, programming, hosting, and sample for online research, CATI with French/English bilingual staff, pre-recruited groups to a central location, mall intercept locations in Toronto, Montreal and USA, and on-site and mystery shopping across Canada and USA. In addition, we are licensed (Cannabis Research License) in Canada to conduct cannabis sensory tests in our facility. 

Are you ready to recruit qualitative research participants?  Ask us how we can help! 

Canadian Viewpoint is a one-stop market research data collection and fieldwork company. For over 40 years, we have been trusted by clients ranging from global Fortune 500 companies to local, boutique market, social, and academic research firms and offering top-quality solutions for offline, online, qualitative, and quantitative fieldwork. We specialize in providing high-quality solutions for offlineonline, qualitative, and quantitative fieldwork. As long-term members of the Insights Association, accredited members of the Canadian Research and Insights Council (CRIC), and corporate members of ESOMAR, we uphold the highest industry standards. Our diverse range of services includes sampleprogramming and hostingmall interceptscentral location recruitmentmystery shoppingin-home usage tests (HUTS)sensory testingshelf testingcomputer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI)Facial Coding, and other cutting-edge technologies. Explore our website to learn more about our offerings and access our demo site to experience our tools firsthand.

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