Mall intercept

We have conducted mall intercept studies for over 40 years and are a leading authority on this valuable technique in Canada with access to most major cities. Unlike many firms, we have not abandoned the methodology. Why?​


  • Mall-intercept research can take advantage of facilities that incorporate kitchens for sensory tests such as taste and smell tests, realistic living and dining room scenarios for product testing, eye-tracking and neuroscience studies that use expensive equipment, and more.
  • It is easier to encourage someone already in a mall to participate in a central-location study rather than over the telephone or emails.
  • Interviewers can validate that they are speaking to a real person, something that can sometimes be difficult with online surveys, particularly as chatbots and artificial intelligence become increasingly believable.
  • Interviewers can verify some basic demographics of the people they speak with. (age, gender, language, language skills, and region).
  • Mall-intercepts allow you to gather opinions from people who are not members of research panels, including people who are not even aware that research panels exist.
  • Test products that are simply too fragile, large, or expensive to test in other ways.
  • Easily combine qualitative methods with quantitative methods to obtain maximum product understanding and statistical generalizability.


We can offer you two permanent mall locations in Canada – Toronto and Montreal. Both malls have average weekly traffic of more than 100,000 demographically diverse consumers and can provide a constant flow of fresh respondents.​


Mall techniques are perfect for aisle and exit interviews, central location recruiting, shop-alongs, focus groups, IDIs, dyads, triads, on-site and mystery shops, and usability testing.​