EyeHome™ Webcam Open-ends

EyeHome™ is our proprietary and innovative platform for capturing survey open ends on video, whether on a desktop, mobile phone, tablet, or other digital devices. It’s quick and easy and allows you to integrate quantitative and qualitative methods in any of your online studies. ​


Often generating more insightful content than written responses, respondents can choose to answer traditional open-ends by recording themselves on video. ​


EyeHome™ is a turnkey solution wherein we offer respondent support, data consolidation, and editing of visual materials.​


EyeHome™ is tailor-made to complement a variety of research techniques such as IHUTs, ad/concept tests, package tests, validity tests, and social observations.

Customize with facial coding

You can customize EyeHome™ beyond the basic offering by integrating facial coding or other forms of observational analysis. Record facial and physical reactions to stimuli, be it image, sound, or video, to gain deeper insights into the emotions of participants. You can even get automated FACS data back via our facial coding component.​