Canadian Viewpoint’s Commitment to Research Standards, Privacy, and Ethics

CEO Declaration of Compliance with the Canadian Code of Market, Opinion, and Social Research and Data Analytics

I certify that Canadian Viewpoint Inc has reviewed the requirements of the CRIC Canadian Code of Market, Opinion and Social Research and Data Analytics and the CRIC Public Opinion Research Standards and Disclosure Requirements and that Canadian Viewpoint Inc fully complies with the CRIC Canadian Code.

Carol Udell, CEO, Canadian Viewpoint Inc. – October 15, 2020

ICC/ESOMAR International Code on Market, Opinion and Social Research and Data Analytics

Canadian Viewpoint adheres to the ICC/ESOMAR International Code. This Code sets standards of ethical and professional conduct while also requiring strict adherence to relevant laws. It ensures researchers meet ethical, professional, and legal responsibilities to the people whose data they use in research and to the clients and organizations they serve. The ICC/ESOMAR Code can be downloaded here.

Canadian Research Insights Council

Along with more than 50 other research and insights companies in Canada, Canadian Viewpoint is a member of the Canadian Research Insights Council, also known as CRIC. In fact, we are proud to be a founding member of the Council and serve on the board.

Endorsed by ESOMAR, the Canadian Research and Insights Council (CRIC) is Canada’s voice of the research, insights, and analytics industry both domestically and globally. CRIC represents the highest standards, ethics, and best practices in research that protect the public interest.

CRIC Pledge to Canadians

As a member of CRIC, Canadian Viewpoint fully supports the CRIC Pledge to Canadians. This pledge recognizes that consumer opinions help influence the things that matter most, including government programs and the development of products and services. We recognize that continued participation and willingness to share opinions is based on trust and respect.

Please read the full pledge on our website or download the pledge from our website.

CRIC Research Verification Service

As a member of CRIC, we register our research projects with the CRIC Research Verification service. This service allows research participants to verify the legitimacy of a research project and share their views with the companies that conduct research in Canada. Canadian Viewpoint provides CRIC Research Verification Service codes to research participants upon request.

Canadian Viewpoint Privacy Policy

Respecting privacy is an important part of our commitment to research participants and the general public. When people participate in research with us, they can be confident that any personal information shared will stay with us. Please read our full Canadian Viewpoint Corporate Privacy Policy here.

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