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Does Panel Size Matter?

According to Harvard Business School, there are over 30,000 new products introduced every year, and 95 percent fail. Why do products fail so frequently? How do you make sure your product stands out?  For decades, researchers have studied consumer behaviours through different methods, such as online and telephone surveys, in-person interviews, in-home usage […]

Embracing Every Identity to Develop a More Inclusive Culture

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion “DEI” is not an HR department’s initiative anymore. Over the past year, the Black Lives Matter movement shone a light on inequalities and injustice all around the world and has prompted companies to reevaluate DEI. It is not enough to […]

Canadian Viewpoint’s Commitment to Research Standards, Privacy, and Ethics

CEO Declaration of Compliance with the Canadian Code of Market, Opinion, and Social Research and Data Analytics I certify that Canadian Viewpoint Inc has reviewed the requirements of the CRIC Canadian Code of Market, Opinion and Social Research and Data […]

Ethnography Fieldtrip Options To Maximize Your Travel to ESOMAR Congress (also known as fun, local day trips!)

Justifying the costs of flights and hotels is sometimes difficult. That’s why you need to increase their value by combining them with ethnography field trips. These trips help you broaden your understanding of diverse human cultures so that you are […]

What Does ESOMAR Congress Have in Common with The Toronto International Film Festival?

First, both events attract thousands of people to Canada’s largest city. While ESOMAR attracts well over 1 000 of the most innovative qualitative and quantitative marketing researchers from around the world, TIFF, the Toronto International Film Festival, attracts nearly 500 […]

Call for Speakers: CRIC Future of Qualitative Insights Summit

With the increased reliance on big data for insights, the need to get to the “why” has never been greater. The Canadian Research Insights Council’s Qualitative Thought Leadership Council in partnership with ESOMAR is seeking submissions for CRIC’s Future of […]

Call for Speakers: CRIC AI, Data Analytics, and Insights Summit

The growth of AI and data analytics is rapidly transforming the ways that companies develop insights. CRIC’s AI and Data Analytics Thought Leadership Council in partnership with ESOMAR will be hosting a one-day summit on May 21, 2020 at the […]

14 reasons to visit Toronto in addition to sharing your expertise at ESOMAR congress in September

From September 13 to 16, 2020, Toronto is going to be incredible! That’s because we’re expecting a few thousand of our best friends from around the world to join us for ESOMAR congress! Submissions to speak at ESOMAR are due […]

A practical explanation of transparency for market and social researchers

The ICC/ESOMAR International Code on Market, Opinion, and Social Research and data Analytics identifies three fundamental principles for researchers. The first one focuses on transparency: When collecting personal data from data subjects for the purpose of research, researchers must be […]

CRIC endorses new Certified Analytics and Insights Professional (CAIP) designation that will adopt CMRPs.

TORONTO – April 29, 2019 – The Canadian Research Insights Council (CRIC) is pleased to announce that it is endorsing and sponsoring CAIP Canada, a new certification body that will offer the Certified Analytics and Insights Professional (CAIP) designation. The […]