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Marketing Research Calculators from T-Tests and Chi-Squares to Power and Effect Sizes

For those of us who analyze quantitative marketing research data with statistical packages like SPSS, SAS, and R, there is little need to find an online calculator. But every once in a while, you might find yourself with a little […]

How To Use Word Clouds Properly Within a Marketing Research Report

Word clouds are commonly used to visualize textual data from focus groups and interview transcripts, or verbatims from questionnaires. If you’ve read anything in the data visualization or user design literature, you’ve noticed that they have a bad reputation. But […]

How To Clean A Marketing Research Questionnaire Dataset

  Depending on who you talk to, cleaning market research data files for use with advanced statistical analyses takes between 50% and 95% of the total time spent working on a dataset. It’s the only way to ensure that the […]

Five Quick Tips For Effective Use of Marketing Research Data Tabulations

Data tables can be intimidating. A questionnaire of moderate length can have hundreds of columns and thousands of rows to wade through. At the same time, tables generally incorporate extremely valuable features that save researchers a lot of time. But […]

Decreasing Data Precision to Achieve Increased Sample Sizes: A bold, wise move from Statistics Canada

Statistics Canada recently announced a trial usage of Random Tabular Adjustment, RTA in their publicly released datafiles (read the academic paper by Mark Stinner here). RTA is a fancy name for a fairly simple process that will give external researchers […]

Help! What’s the Difference Between Percents, Percentage Points, Ratios, and Indexes?: A quick guide for users of market research reports

Market research reports and dashboards are full of numbers and terms. If you aren’t completely clear on the terms, it can be nearly impossible to understand which results are genuinely important. Let’s try to understand things better by going through […]

Research and Analytics Dashboards: Creating quality visualizations

In a previous post, Research and Analytics Dashboards: From idea to design, we talked about the key components for planning a research data dashboard including knowing your audience, focusing on key metrics, and organizing the components into meaningful stories. In […]

Research and Analytics Dashboards: From Idea to Design

As delightful as a 100-page report is, especially when it’s tracker results delivered 4 or more times per year, sometimes creating a custom dashboard is the only logical way to present research results. A well-designed dashboard makes it vastly easier […]