Case Study: Disrupting the alcoholic beverage industry for new product innovations and improved communications, by Sklar Wilton & Associates

Most of us have used chatbots to find information or book meetings on our computer, or to place our order at a fast food restaurant. Those are the obvious, consumer facing examples of artificial intelligence that most of us recognize. Or do we?

In order to understand how Canadians perceive the effects of AI in their lives, Sklar Wilton & Associates has run an online survey tracker for the last three years. In this blog post, they describe perceptions about AI pertaining to the alcoholic beverage industry and provide examples of how alcoholic beverage producers and marketers are using AI to more effectively develop products to meet consumer needs and market those products to the right segments.

We were pleased to partner with Sklar Wilton on this project to develop a census representative sample of 1008 adults balanced to Statistics Canada demographics on age, gender, region, and language via our proprietary consumer panel and programming and hosting solutions.

Please enjoy the full blog post by clicking here.

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