Case Study: Burnout and distress among physicians, nurses, and health care professionals

Even prior to the COVID pandemic, burnout and distress have had negative impacts on physicians, nurses, healthcare professionals and the treatment they provide. Understanding these impacts is key to making positive change and improving healthcare services. This study, by Barry Rubin, Rebecca Goldfarb, Daniel Satele, and Leanna Graham in Toronto, Canada, aimed to measure and compare the prevalence of burnout and distress among physicians in a Canadian and a US hospital network.

Canadian Viewpoint served as an independent third party to provide confidential access to about 450 physicians, nurses, and healthcare professionals from our medical and healthcare panel who received online questionnaires comprised of binary and Likert scale questions. More than 80% of invited physicians and healthcare professionals, and nearly 50% of nurses completed the questionnaire.

The questionnaire measured fatigue, depression, burnout, anxiety or stress, mental and physical quality of life, work–life integration, meaning in work, and distress. In addition, it evaluated perceptions of the adequacy of staffing levels, perceptions of fair treatment in the workplace, and satisfaction with the electronic health record.

The researchers suggested how institutional factors can be addressed to improve physicians’ work experience and patient outcomes.

Each of the three studies are publicly available online and as PDFs. Please read the full details:


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