Ten Most Useful Canview Posts of 2019

As providers of a wide range of data collection and fieldwork methodologies, our blog helps clients trying to solve many different marketing problems. From new product development to package design and usability testing, researchers need to stay on top of many different content areas.

We know that one of our blog posts has really helped people when Google Analytics shows that it’s not thousands of people clicking on and skimming a post but rather people spending five to ten minutes on a post. They’re reading it and learning from it. So our blog post round up for 2019 is not necessarily CanView’s most ‘popular’ posts, but rather our ten most helpful posts. We hope that you too find them helpful.


Medical Market Research Has Extra Layers of Complexity

Healthcare professionals are extremely busy people struggling to remain informed about all the complexities of Canadian healthcare and privacy practices and regulations. That makes it all the more difficult to get their input for research into product satisfaction, new product development, and usability, all of which can help ensure patients get the treatments they need and follow through on them.


Interpreting Data Properly Can be Difficult

Several of our posts covering basic data interpretation caught the attention of readers. It’s a reminder that everyone should regularly refresh their numeracy skills to ensure they’re interpreting data properly for their clients.

Panels Are Complex

Research Access Panels have long been a mystery to users, particularly when so many companies offer so many variations of panels. We’re glad to see that people want to learn more about how panels work so they can make better informed decisions about how to choose a panel that will work best for their research needs.


Qualitative Research Is Complex

In this age of hyper-focus on artificial intelligence, chatbots, virtual reality, and all things technical and electronic, it’s not surprising that posts explaining qualitative techniques get a careful read. For really understanding how people think, nothing is better than conducting well designed in-person research with carefully chosen target groups.

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