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Ten Most Useful Canview Posts of 2019

As providers of a wide range of data collection and fieldwork methodologies, our blog helps clients trying to solve many different marketing problems. From new product development to package design and usability testing, researchers need to stay on top of […]

Experiential Marketing 101: How to ensure the success of your brand activation event

Whether you’re a retailer, restaurant, or industry event, experiential marketing is a great way for brands to create unique, hands-on, and engaging experiences that attract new customers and generate more loyal existing customers. And with the help of social media, […]

Market Research Myths: Public data offers everything we need

Public data is a valuable resource for market and social researchers. For those who have limited budgets, public data may form the bulk of data available to them. On the other hand, even researchers who have commendable budgets eagerly wait […]

What are the different types of marketing segmentation?

In the marketing world, segmentation research involves identifying subgroups of people within a larger population so that each subgroup has similar needs or desires. Understanding the various segments of people within a product or service category allows marketers to design […]

Chunking: What shall we do with a questionnaire that’s too long?

You have many options when a questionnaire is simply too long to start programming and fieldwork because it will generate poor response rates and poor data quality. You can cut answer options. You can cut questions. You can vastly increase […]

Why are Twitter Polls a Bad Idea?

To be fair, we occasionally run Twitter polls. We’ve asked about brand trackers, personal use of cannabis, Thanksgiving food, and a variety of other research topics. Twitter polls are a fun way to encourage people to think about a topic, […]

Which subway goes from Toronto to Vancouver?

Canada is a pretty great place to visit. We’ve got poutine, polar bears, igloos, maple syrup, and a whole lot of other stereotypes that are quite fun to chat about but not particularly relevant to most Canadians if you dig […]

From field to lab to virtual research methods: How to choose the right degree of external validity for your product shelf-test

Consumers don’t usually consciously think about their process of picking an item off the store shelf but market researchers do. Shelf-tests help researchers better understand that process, particularly when the consumer decision seems arbitrary or illogical. This type of research […]

Full Service or Specialized Service: Which research provider is right for you?

With a full range of potential market research partners at our fingertips, how do you know when to use specialized research providers or outsource projects in one fell swoop to a single research provider? Let’s review the options. Full service […]

Cannabis in Canada: Planning a wise communication strategy

Cannabis is just a few months away from being legal for recreational use in Canada which means companies and brands will soon have to consider how it might interact with their current line of products and services. Would incorporating cannabis […]