More Naked Packaging Please! The environment needs it and people are demanding it.


Packaging is a double-edged sword. It makes single serve food, beverages, and meals-to-go more practical and convenient. It facilitates safe and speedy transportation from producer to buyer. It helps shoppers quickly identify the products they need and want. At the same time, however, it creates a massive amount of waste, much of which sits in landfills or swims in our precious oceans for centuries.

Consumers are finally realizing that by supporting and buying products that aren’t recyclable, reusable, or environmentally responsible, they are the problem. Now, they’re fighting this battle with their wallets. Accenture has shown that people are attracted to buy certain brands over others based on a brand’s beliefs and actions, and environmentalism is high on the list of reasons why.

  • 62% are attracted to companies that believe in reducing plastics and improving the environment.
  • 50% are attracted to companies that stands up for society and cultural issues they believe in.
  • 50% are attracted to brands that support and act upon causes they have in common.

So what are companies doing?

Putting More Conscious Efforts into Recycling

Changing the Concept of Packaging

Innovating Concepts of Use and Reuse

Consumer demand is causing companies to change their ways and put the environment before profit. Naturally, consumers need to confirm that any changes to packaging still serve their needs, that straws still work with milkshakes, that pets still love their meals, that food is still safe and sanitary. Once consumers have given their formal stamp of approval, we’ll all be much better off.


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