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8 Corona Virus Innovations That Will Become Everyday Consumer Items

Remember when people made fun of Whole Foods for selling pre-peeled fruit to lazy shoppers. It was only afterwards that critics realized people with disabilities are unable to eat oranges otherwise. Or all the times that people made fun of […]

IHUT Safety Procedures Get a Permanent Upgrade at Canadian Viewpoint

As many researchers are doing, we have been paying close attention to the recommendations of Canadian and global epidemiologists, pandemic experts, and government experts. It’s been an intense and necessary education about the interpretation and application of a type of […]

Canadian Viewpoint remains committed to the health and wellness of its employees, our partners, and our community

In the face of COVID-19, Canadian Viewpoint remains committed to the health and wellness of its employees and our community, as well as ensuring business continuity for our clients, vendors, and partners. Canadian Viewpoint has multiple lines of business, each […]

Nudge, nudge: An effective psychological technique for improving human behaviour (and selling more stuff)

  It can be really hard to ‘make’ people do things. Chances are, when you ‘make’ them do something, it’s because they don’t actually want to do it and they may try to avoid doing it. So how can we […]

Download Our New eBook: Your Plain Language Guide to In-Home Product and Package Tests

Do you know whether frozen turkeys, beer, or fresh salads can take advantage of the In-Home Usage Test methodology? (Yes, they all can!) Or when to use an IHUT vs Cental Location Testing? Or how many extra products to request […]

More Naked Packaging Please! The environment needs it and people are demanding it.

Packaging is a double-edged sword. It makes single serve food, beverages, and meals-to-go more practical and convenient. It facilitates safe and speedy transportation from producer to buyer. It helps shoppers quickly identify the products they need and want. At the […]

Canadian Viewpoint IHUTS, Package, and Product Tests

Canadian Viewpoint has extensive experience conducting in-home and in-facility usage, product, and package tests across Canada and the USA. For nearly four decades, we’ve been trusted to successfully offered a variety of products to consumers for testing in their own […]

7 ways market researchers can expense a summer holiday to Bali, Indonesia

If you’ve been burning the midnight oil, I think we can agree that a vacation to an amazing place like Bali is necessary. But it’s not necessarily cheap. Fortunately, we’ve come up with 7 reasons your employer should pay for […]

Thank you millennials for bringing healthy and flavourful back to food

We’ve all read the posts about how millennials killed fabric softener, banks, and bar soap. Millennials became the much-appreciated scapegoat for nearly any kind of product that failed to disrupt and meet the evolving needs of today’s consumers. But isn’t […]

Marketing Research Essentials: How to Reduce the Risks of Marketing Innovation Through Consumer Research

Like the academic strategy of “Publish or Perish,” consumer brands often have a strategy of “Innovate or Die.” Many companies see product and service innovations as one of the most important paths to long-term business success. With innovation being a […]