Canadian Viewpoint IHUTS, Package, and Product Tests

”CanadianCanadian Viewpoint has extensive experience conducting in-home and in-facility usage, product, and package tests across Canada and the USA.

For nearly four decades, we’ve been trusted to successfully offered a variety of products to consumers for testing in their own home including frozen and perishable products, as well as fragile, and bulky products. Food, beverage, personal care, health care, home care, pet care products and more can easily be tested. Please click here to request a quote or continue reading to learn more.


Mail products to consumer homes for testing in a natural environment.

  • Test juice, ice cream, frozen meals, pet food, diapers, toilet paper, personal care products, and much more
  • Allow people to test products in their natural environment, with the tools, implements, furnishings, and appliances they would normally use
  • Learn how household members of different ages, genders, and backgrounds experience the product
  • Learn who actually uses products, how they are used, and with what other products they are used.
  • Combine with mobile surveys for in-the-moment reactions and feedback

Conduct tests in our 2 permanent mall locations in Toronto and Montreal, or additional central locations throughout Canada and USA.

  • Ensure the consistency of your product presentation
  • Ensure the security of confidential products, apps, and websites
  • Test risky, rare, difficult, or expensive to mail products

We specialize in complicated logistics. We can help you decide whether products are delivered to consumers physically by mail, with the use of a coupon, or by pick-up at one of our central locations.

  • We receive, package, label, and mail a wide assortment of standard and awkwardly shaped and sized products for testing.
  • We ensure perishables, consumables, and fragile products are handled promptly and safely.
  • We prepare and collect product evaluations, and summarize them for you using an easy to read dashboard.

We source high quality targeted audiences.

  • Take advantage of our proprietary and validated consumer and medical panels
  • Use our mall intercept solutions or recruit to a central location for in-facility tests
  • We can recruit from your client/customer list


Are you ready to work with a trust, local partner to generate high quality IHUT or package test data? Please click here to request a quote.

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  • Canadian Viewpoint is a one-stop market research data collection and fieldwork company. For over 40 years, we have been trusted by clients ranging from global Fortune 500 companies to local, boutique market, social, and academic research firms and offering top-quality solutions for offline, online, qualitative, and quantitative fieldwork. We specialize in providing high-quality solutions for offlineonline, qualitative, and quantitative fieldwork. As long-term members of the Insights Association, accredited members of the Canadian Research and Insights Council (CRIC), and corporate members of ESOMAR, we uphold the highest industry standards. Our diverse range of services includes sampleprogramming and hostingmall interceptscentral location recruitmentmystery shoppingin-home usage tests (HUTS)sensory testingshelf testingcomputer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI)Facial Coding, and other cutting-edge technologies. Explore our website to learn more about our offerings and access our demo site to experience our tools firsthand.

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