How to Optimize Your Online Surveys: Your One-Stop Shop for Streamlined Data Collection with Programming, Hosting, and Self-Serve Features

Canadian Viewpoint is a one-stop market research data collection and fieldwork company with over 40 years of experience. We transitioned to online surveys over two decades ago, embracing the digital era. Over the years, we’ve continually refined and enhanced our innovative solutions to better cater to the needs of our valued clients.   

We provide comprehensive support to our clients throughout all stages of online research, encompassing programming, hosting, translation, and tabulation. Our in-house programming team actively engages in the kickoff process, ensuring a seamless and efficient project flow while minimizing potential delays. The process includes quality control checkpoints, where our team reviews the questionnaire initially, followed by the programming and self-testing phases. Subsequently, the results undergo peer testing by a fresh set of eyes. Upon confirming the accuracy of the outcome, it is submitted to the client for review. After receiving client approval, we proceed with a soft launch, and the team conducts a final data check.  

Our commitment to delivering high-quality research solutions has been the driving force behind our achievements over the past four decades.   

Our online and offline solutions can be combined with translation, transcription, coding, and tabulation services to offer you a one-stop shop for all of your data collection and fieldwork needs.   

Our skilled programmers are well-versed in a variety of programming languages, including Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, and more. Additionally, all of our online surveys are designed to be fully accessible on mobile devices. 

We offer services to over 120 languages. We specialize in English-to-French and French-to-English translations.

As part of our commitment to quality assurance, translations undergo a thorough review by native language experts before the soft launch.  

Testing – Self Serves  
We provide our clients with a platform that allows them to evaluate their surveys and thoroughly review each question for potential errors before launching. This platform is designed to give a complete overview of the survey, including field settings and extra variables that might not be visible to participants. You can utilize the self-serve survey testing platform to verify logic, skip paths, question configurations, and text. The survey testing toolbar empowers you to directly modify text and propose changes for survey programmers to assess and incorporate.  

Custom Tools 
We understand that innovation is crucial to helping our clients gain a deeper understanding of their audience, which is why we offer a diverse range of tools and techniques to customize research and uncover meaningful insights. We partner with our clients to create custom online tools that improve the digital research experience or advanced offline tools in the online world. Our team of tech experts can design and develop custom tools with enhanced features that can be linked easily to your surveys. 

  • FaceCap: Our AI-driven solution detects vital identity attributes like age, gender, and emotions, ensuring secure interactions, data integrity, and effective fraud prevention. 
  • EYEHOME: EyeHome™ is our proprietary and innovative platform for capturing survey open ends on video, whether on a desktop, mobile phone, tablet, or other digital devices. It’s quick and easy and allows you to integrate quantitative and qualitative methods in any of your online studies. 
  • HEATMAPS: Heatmaps reveal subconscious behaviour and provide unbiased data to researchers. It allows companies to study the process consumers undertake when testing or choosing a product over its competitors. 

To explore our custom toolkits, click here 

We have a “Say Yes” policy and it comes from the combination of our highly skilled team, our top-notch technical capabilities, and our understanding of the research industry. Let’s discuss your next project.  

Canadian Viewpoint is a one-stop market research data collection and fieldwork company. For over 40 years, we have been trusted by clients ranging from global Fortune 500 companies to local, boutique market, social, and academic research firms and offering top-quality solutions for offline, online, qualitative, and quantitative fieldwork. We specialize in providing high-quality solutions for offlineonline, qualitative, and quantitative fieldwork. As long-term members of the Insights Association, accredited members of the Canadian Research and Insights Council (CRIC), and corporate members of ESOMAR, we uphold the highest industry standards. Our diverse range of services includes sampleprogramming and hostingmall interceptscentral location recruitmentmystery shoppingin-home usage tests (IHUTS)sensory testingshelf testingcomputer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI)Facial Coding, and other cutting-edge technologies. Explore our website to learn more about our offerings and access our demo site to experience our tools firsthand.

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