One of the key elements of any website or app is the call to action (CTA) buttons. CTAs are commonly used throughout any page, whether your objective is to have your users fill out a form, read your posts, or purchase from your site. A clear CTA leads users or potential customers to the next step to take a particular action. Your CTAs need to be clear, creative, and consistent enough to create a sense of urgency for users to act right away. If the CTA buttons are placed right on your website, you can dramatically see an increase in conversions. But do you know where to place them? Wouldn’t it be great to know which parts of your website are favoured by your visitors? Well, you can use heatmap tools to improve your website’s user experience.  

What is a Heatmap? 

A heatmap is a data visualization developed by Cormac Kinney in the mid-1990s that shows how visitors interact with your site or how they DON’T interact. A heatmap is a graphical representation of data where the value is colour-coded. Red represents areas that get the most interactions, and blue represents cold or less popular areas. Heatmaps enable you to collect data on any website and visualize it in three types of tools, click maps, scroll maps, and move maps.  

Click maps show where users click the most; this data is beneficial to identify which CTAs are working. Also, you can verify if users are clicking on elements that are not clickable (e.g., images or headlines) 

Scroll maps show how far users scroll down to the bottom of the page. By analyzing the data, you can find out if important information on your site is getting ignored, and you can move elements to the top or hot areas.  

Move maps show the user’s movement, where users are looking and where the mouse is.   

Whether launching a new website or revamping an existing site, usability testing helps you find out what’s working and what’s not. One of the best ways to analyze and leverage user behaviour is to use heatmap tools.  When conducting usability tests, users may not remember or may be unaware of their behaviour during the trial. Heatmaps quantify interaction for better website experiences.  

Heatmaps help companies and researchers to visualize the user engagement and site interaction within any pages, websites, and apps. Heatmap tools allow you to understand your users and dig deeper into qualitative insights on how your users interact with your site. UX Designers, Digital Data Analysts, Product Designers and Researchers use heatmaps in their work.  

Heatmaps can enhance your website and help you to achieve your business goals. However, if you are unsure which tool is suitable for your business, contact us; we’ll help you learn more about this cutting-edge technology. 

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