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Eye Tracking In Market Research

Market research no longer only focuses on surveys, focus groups, and direct customer feedback. With the rise of innovative technologies, marketers are able to analyze the environmental cues that cause the shopping behaviors online and in person. Harvard Business School professor Gerald Zaltman in his latest book, How Customers Think: […]

Case Study: Burnout and distress among physicians, nurses, and health care professionals

Even prior to the COVID pandemic, burnout and distress have had negative impacts on physicians, nurses, healthcare professionals and the treatment they provide. Understanding these impacts is key to making positive change and improving healthcare services. This study, by Barry […]

Reflect, Connect, and Get Centered: Join a Canada-Wide Virtual Networking Event with WIRe

. Canadian Viewpoint is delighted to support the upcoming Women in Research Toronto event! WIRe Toronto will be hosting its first national event on December 15th. Join your colleagues from across Canada for virtual networking! Since many of us are […]

Can you guess my bias?

Can you? Can you guess my bias? Am I biased against products that are sustainable because they aren’t effective? Am I biased against products that are NOT sustainable because they destroy the earth? Am I biased against products that are […]

10 Tips for Pretesting Research Questionnaires and Generating High Quality Market Data

Congratulations on designing a great questionnaire that is sure to generate insightful and actionable research results. But before going pressing that scary launch button, it’s imperative that you ensure the questionnaire is the highest quality possible. Here are ten tips […]