What products work well for the IHUT research methodology?

By Kim Storer

Your imagination is the limit! While IHUTs are not recommended for very expensive or confidential products, consumers can test nearly anything in the comfort of their own home.

  • fieldwork, data collection, central location, concept test, package test, recruitment, sensory test, taste test, IHUT, advantages, disadvantagesConsumables: It doesn’t matter if a product needs to stay frozen or if it’s a liquid in a glass container. Frozen food can be shipped in packages that keep them frozen, and liquids such as alcohol and shampoo can be mailed in break-proof packages. Consumables such as cookies, candy, snacks, condiments, salad dressing, cereal, and baking supplies are always easy to mail to people’s homes, even those that might expire quickly. And of course, IHUTs are perfect for finding out whether Fluffy and Spot approve of new flavours of pet food and pet treats.
  • Personal care: Often simpler to ship because they are light and because it is standard for them to be contained in small travel packages, personal care products such as shampoo, razors, wipes, foot care, eye care, feminine hygiene, sexual health, and cosmetics products are easily packaged up and mailed for IHUT testing.
  • Health care: Testing health care products can be somewhat riskier when curious children are in the home. However, securely packaged test kits will help ensure that only adults are able to access OTC trial offers, vitamins, supplements, and other similar products as part of an IHUT.
  • Home care: Home care products are perfect for IHUTs as they allow people to test out products in the environment they’ll actually be used in. People can try out laundry detergent and fabric softeners with their own washer and dryer, and with the work and play stains they’re used to fighting. And, they can try out air fresheners in their own mud room, and garbage bags and insect traps in their own kitchen.

You might have thought your product couldn’t be tested via an IHUT. Maybe it’s time to find out how it would actually be done. Feel free to ask us for a quote!

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Kim is the Field Director at Canadian Viewpoint. She is the person who makes it all happen, from getting interviewers on the phone, to someone’s front door, and in the shopping mall. And, she makes sure consumers receive products in perfect shape for taste tastes, home tests, and any other kind of test our clients can imagine! Kim enjoys dinner with friends, traveling with her family, and taking her sweet pup for long walks.

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