Client Showcase: Van der Pop’s Women and Weed Survey

In a few short months, cannabis will be legal for personal use in Canada.Given that cannabis is literally a brand new category in our country, we have much to learn about who to market to, and how to market to those people. Van der Pop set out to get some answers to those questions with their new study on women and weed.

Canadian Viewpoint is pleased to be responsible for the fieldwork for this important study. Below are a few details from their research. You can download the entire report here.

With cannabis legalization increasing across the United States and recreational legalization coming to Canada in 2018, Van der Pop sought to better understand the role cannabis plays in the lives of women. To do this, we surveyed 1,530 North American women about their perceptions, consumption and interests with the hope of facilitating more meaningful conversations that reflect the needs of real women.


  1. For women interested in trying cannabis, 90% claim the desire is for medicinal reasons
  2. 70% of women feel a friend’s recommendation plays a key role in their purchase decision
  3. 42% stated their last cannabis purchase was spontaneous
  4. 39% of those who haven’t tried cannabis listed not liking the idea of smoking as a primary reason
  5. Only 10% of women cited anti-drug campaigns as a reason for not having tried cannabis

Full results from the study can be downloaded on their website.

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