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Over two years ago, we were forced to close our office and work from home. Our primary goal was to ensure the safety and wellness of our staff and to secure smooth operations for our clients. We assured our clients that we were adapting our process to the pandemic’s challenges. We stayed committed to our promise and successfully delivered the best-in-class services for each line of our business, and we are proud to say our team helped us get there. 

In the midst of the pandemic, when we were uncertain about so many things, we were confident that we would stay true to who we are. Throughout our 40+ year history, we’ve weathered many storms through careful planning. Closing our office and asking our employees to work from home was a bit overwhelming, but the transition was smooth, and it felt more like we closed one office and opened 30+ offices all over the country. 

We openly discussed the return to the office; 95% of our employees stated that they prefer to work remotely.

We spent the last two years focused on supporting our team. Now that we all look ahead to life after the pandemic and reimagine how and where work should be done, we openly discuss the return to the office. Our main concern was to help employees who were anxious about returning to the office. Hence, we asked our team whether they prefer to return to the office full-time, hybrid, or fully remote. 95% of our employees stated that they prefer to work remotely.  

“Deciding between in-office and remote work environments can be a daunting task. Our primary goal is to redesign the workspace to help everyone and especially those who need extra support. Some of our employees have moved to other cities and prefer to work remotely, and some are interested in getting back into the office; our job is to accommodate that. We know flexibility is essential to employees’ happiness, allowing our staff to experiment with different ways of working.” Jason Zweig, Vice President   

Canadian Viewpoint – Virtual Employee Appreciation Day  

We offer an empowering experience with the opportunity to make a difference through an inclusive and rewarding environment. 

Even though we miss working together in person, we continue to provide an inclusive and flexible environment where we can bring people together and recreate the pulse of the workplace. We have done many successful virtual events for fun and team building. Also, we were fortunate enough to safely get together back in December over the Holidays.  However, now that we are navigating the new norm, our team is very excited to return to more in-person events. Last month after a couple of years, we got to sponsor and get together at the WIRE event in Toronto. We had fun seeing so many old friends, meeting new faces, and discussing our favourite topic, market research.  


We prioritize and support the health and wellness of our team. As part of our summer initiatives and team bonding, our Social Committee team is planning a fun-filled day party event to embrace the outdoors and meet our team members in person. Besides all the fun events, we also offer comprehensive benefits packages such as EFAP and Short-term Disability to help our team improve their health and wellbeing. As a small company, we have successfully pivoted to remote work environments and provide seamless services to our clients.  

In the past two years, we had to rewrite our strategies and pivot our operations a few times. We have created new roles that allowed us to maintain and enhance the quality we are known for. Our team has grown exponentially over the past two years and is still growing. 

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Canadian Viewpoint is a one-stop market research data collection and fieldwork company. For over 40 years, we have been trusted by clients ranging from global Fortune 500 companies to local, boutique market, social, and academic research firms and offering top-quality solutions for offline, online, qualitative, and quantitative fieldwork. We pride ourselves on our quality assurance processes that often exceed industry standards. We are long-term members of the Insights Association, accredited members of the Canadian Research and Insights Council (CRIC), as well as corporate members of ESOMAR. As such, you can be assured that your business decisions are based on a foundation of rigorous and ethical data collection.  

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