Intercept Research: The Ultimate Guide to Capturing Real-Time Consumer Insights 

Intercept research is a type of market research that involves approaching potential participants in a natural setting, such as a mall or store, to gather valuable data. These conversations or dialogues between trained interviewers and participants can cover a range of topics, from shopping habits to political views. Intercept interviews begin with interviewers targeting people who meet specific criteria, such as age or purchasing behaviour, before administering surveys that collect both qualitative and quantitative data. Here are some of the benefits of intercept research:  

In the Moment Responses 
One of the primary benefits of conducting intercept research is the ability to gather information in real-time. Intercept interviews allow interviewers to ask follow-up questions and seek clarification from respondents in real-time, whereas online surveys typically lack this level of detail and immediacy in response. This allows for more in-depth and detailed responses, which can provide valuable insights into consumer behaviour, preferences, and perceptions. Additionally, participants can ask for help or clarification, which can lead to more accurate and reliable data. 

Another benefit of intercept research is the ability to observe participants’ reactions and behaviours while interviewing them. This can provide valuable insights into how consumers interact with a product or website and can help researchers identify potential areas for improvement. For example, researchers can observe how participants navigate a website or how they respond to different product features. 

Access a Diverse Range of Demographics 
Intercept research also allows researchers to reach a variety of demographics. By conducting intercept surveys at physical locations, researchers can learn the opinions of people who may not be members of research panels or internet users. Through on-site intercepts, we can engage with individuals who shop at a particular location rather than those who merely visit the store in general. Moreover, diverse locations can be utilized to reach specific demographics, including niche retail stores, ethnic supermarkets, festivals, concerts, or conventions. This allows us to gain valuable insights into their shopping habits and preferences, aiding us in gaining a better understanding of our target audience. 

In addition, interviewers can validate some basic demographics of the people they speak with, such as age, gender, language, language skills, and region. This information can be helpful in determining the demographics of the sample and analyzing the data accordingly. 

Use of Special Facilities 
Intercept research, especially mall intercepts, can utilize specialized facilities that feature sensory testing kitchens for taste and smell experiments, realistic living and dining room scenarios for product testing, and advanced equipment for eye-tracking and neuroscience studies. These facilities allow for a more comprehensive and detailed research approach that may not be feasible through other methods.

Encourage Participation 
Lastly, it is easier to encourage someone already in a mall or store to participate in a central-location study compared to trying to convince them to participate over the phone or email. This can lead to higher participation rates and more representative data. 

In conclusion, conducting intercept research can be an effective way to gain valuable insights into consumers’ thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. By engaging with people in the moment, researchers can capture authentic and immediate feedback that may be missed through other methods. If you are considering conducting intercept research, collaborating with a market research firm that has expertise in conducting intercept interviews and establishing connections with participants is crucial. Here at Canadian Viewpoint, we have over 40 years of experience providing a broad range of comprehensive data collection services that cover both quantitative and qualitative methodologies. As a one-stop fieldwork expert, we provide tailored solutions to meet specific research needs. With a budget-friendly and collaborative approach, our team ensures our clients receive the best quality research results. Our expert team is fluent in English and French and can help you conduct intercept research in our convenient facilities located in Toronto and Montreal or in other central locations throughout Canada and the USA.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you gain a deeper understanding of your target audience. 

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