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Streamlining Qualitative Research Recruitment: The Canadian Viewpoint Approach

Locating suitable candidates to participate in a study can be challenging. Asking people to be a part of qualitative research, whether that involves in-person interviews as part of a mall intercept or online or offline focus groups at central locations […]

Reflect, Connect, and Get Centered: Join a Canada-Wide Virtual Networking Event with WIRe

. Canadian Viewpoint is delighted to support the upcoming Women in Research Toronto event! WIRe Toronto will be hosting its first national event on December 15th. Join your colleagues from across Canada for virtual networking! Since many of us are […]

Market Research Is Just Another Way to Talk about Logical Fallacies

. Obviously, consumers like your package, your product, your service. The brand manager said consumers like it. It’s impossible to prove consumers don’t like it. Consumers obviously don’t hate it. Sales are increasing so consumers must like it. Besides, everyone […]

Advantages of Qualitative Research: System 1, serendipity, and a bird in the hand

Qualitative research includes an extraordinary range of highly useful techniques. It includes techniques where numbers don’t matter (very much) and straying from the plan (a little bit) is a good thing. But what, specifically, is so great about qualitative research? […]