Looking Forward to 2022

The pandemic has disrupted our lives for the past two years. It has forced us to ask and answer questions about our priorities and plans. Last year we focused on the resumption of growth and had to rewrite our strategies and pivot our operations when the crisis evolved. Now, as we continue to grow, adapt and navigate the challenges presented by the pandemic, we are excited to resume operations in our in-person facilities to conduct Sensory Testing – Taste Test as of January 31st, 2022, under enhanced protocols provided by regional health guidelines.   

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated changes in consumer behaviours that are likely to persist. The shift in consumer behaviour is not linear; you need an intelligent data-driven operating model to remain agile. Leading brands in many industries such as consumer package goods, pharmaceutical, retail and many more have expanded their insights. Through common techniques such as questionnaires, individual interviews, focus groups, telephone interviews, intercepts, and shelf-tests, companies are able to listen to their consumers and redefine their strategies. However, in today’s rapidly changing world, you should examine your innovation pipeline frequently and consider adding system 1 tools such as eye-tracking, facial coding, and visualization techniques such as dashboards, and heatmaps.

At Canadian Viewpoint, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional digital data collection to help our clients make informed decisions for over 40 years. Through artificial intelligence and automation, we have streamlined processes that allow our clients to solve their business challenges and seize opportunities. As part of our recovery plan in 2021, we created new roles that allowed us to maintain and enhance the quality we are known for, while scaling operations to meet our growth. As part of our growth plan, this year, we are expanding our tech team and introducing new digital innovations to meet clients’ demands. 

Together, we will navigate the future of technology.  

If you are unsure which tool is suitable for your business, contact us; we’d be happy to help you choose a technology that works best for your research problem. 

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