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Explore the Power of AR & VR in Market Research – Unlock Consumer Behavior With Shelf-Testing

Consumers don’t usually consciously think about their process of picking an item off the store shelf, but market researchers do. Here at Canadian Viewpoint, we conduct shelf testing experiences to understand what drives purchases and intent for many industries. In […]

Looking Forward to 2022

The pandemic has disrupted our lives for the past two years. It has forced us to ask and answer questions about our priorities and plans. Last year we focused on the resumption of growth and had to rewrite our strategies […]


One of the key elements of any website or app is the call to action (CTA) buttons. CTAs are commonly used throughout any page, whether your objective is to have your users fill out a form, read your posts, or purchase from your site. […]

Does Panel Size Matter?

According to Harvard Business School, there are over 30,000 new products introduced every year, and 95 percent fail. Why do products fail so frequently? How do you make sure your product stands out?  For decades, researchers have studied consumer behaviours through different methods, such as online and telephone surveys, in-person interviews, in-home usage […]

Embracing Every Identity to Develop a More Inclusive Culture

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion “DEI” is not an HR department’s initiative anymore. Over the past year, the Black Lives Matter movement shone a light on inequalities and injustice all around the world and has prompted companies to reevaluate DEI. It is not enough to […]

Eye Tracking In Market Research

Market research no longer only focuses on surveys, focus groups, and direct customer feedback. With the rise of innovative technologies, marketers are able to analyze the environmental cues that cause the shopping behaviors online and in person. Harvard Business School professor Gerald Zaltman in his latest book, How Customers Think: […]

Reconnect and Refocus: Join the September 30th Women In Research virtual event in Toronto

Are you ready to reconnect with other insights and data professionals in Toronto? We are too so get your clicking finger ready! Canadian Viewpoint is a proud sponsor of the Toronto chapter of Women in Research (WIRe) which will be […]

How to create more inclusive data collection tools and benefit from more actionable market research results

From a land solely populated by indigenous peoples, the last five hundred or so years brought an influx of people from all over the world to what is now Canada. According to 2016 census data, about 22% of people in […]

CRIC Webinar to Confront Exclusion and Racism in Canada’s Research & Insights Industry

The recent tragedies in the United States and Canada have again demonstrated the need to address the inequalities that persist in our society. As an industry focused on collecting and analyzing data, we know firsthand that more needs to be […]

CRIC Adds Strength and Depth to its Board with Newly Elected Directors Anastasia Arabia (Trend Research), Diana Lucaci (True Impact), Sam Pisani (The Logit Group) and Jason Zweig (Canadian Viewpoint)

The Canadian Research Insights Council (CRIC) is pleased to welcome Anastasia Arabia (Trend Research), Diana Lucaci (True Impact), Sam Pisani (The Logit Group) and Jason Zweig (Canadian Viewpoint) to its board of directors. The four new directors were elected from […]