CAIP Canada Announces Founding Board; Adoption of Designated Members and Fellows of Former Marketing Research Association in June

May 31, 2019 – TORONTO:  The founding board members are pleased to announce the formation of CAIP Canada, a new certification body that will offer the Certified Analytics and Insights Professional (CAIP) designation to individual research practitioners. The initiative is being led by Robert Wong, RMCG Inc., who was pivotal in the advancement of the designation that was offered by the former Canadian marketing research association. Mr. Wong is supported by John Tabone, interim Chief Administrative Officer of the Canadian Research Insights Council (CRIC), who led the development of the designation that was offered by the former Canadian marketing research association in 2002. CAIP Canada is also fully endorsed by CRIC and ESOMAR as the Canadian professional designation of choice.

CAIP Canada’s founding board comprises industry leaders and stalwarts from across the profession. Each member in their own right has devoted significant time and effort to advancing the field of analytics and insights. Members of the founding board are:   

  • Robert Wong (Chair): Owner and Principal, RMCG Inc.
  • Maxime Bourbonnais: President, MBA Recherche/UX Recherche  
  • Yvonne Brouwers: President & CEO, Illumina Research Partners  
  • Chuck Chakrapani: President, Leger Analytics and board member of the arketing Research Institute International (MRII)  
  • Linda Di Luzio: Director of Market Insights, Bell  
  • Majid Khoury: Advertising and Brand Research Strategist, Majid Khoury Holdings Inc.  
  • Jordan Levitin: Senior Vice President, Ipsos  
  • Peter MacIntosh: Chief Research Officer and Partner, Narrative Research  
  • Annie Pettit: Chief Executive Officer, MOSR Canada  
  • Michele Sexsmith: Senior Vice President, Environics Analytics  
  • John Tabone (Ex-Officio): Chief Administrative Officer, Canadian Research Insights Council

The board has advanced plans to provide a CAIP credential to individuals who held the professional designation or were fellows of the former Canadian marketing research association. A website will be launched later in June to allow those who previously earned the designation, or who were recognized as Fellows of the former Canadian marketing research association, to immediately become CAIPs/FCAIPs. To obtain the CAIP designation, previously designated members will be required to follow the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)/ESOMAR code, and pay the annual membership fee of $280, a figure that that will be pro-rated to $140 to cover the remainder of 2019. 

“In our consultations, many individuals who earned the designation of the former Canadian marketing research association expressed the desire for a renewed association of credentialed professionals in the country,” says Robert Wong. “With the support of the leaders on our founding board and the endorsement of the Canadian Research Insights Council and ESOMAR, the CAIP designation will offer immediate value to professionals working in research analytics and insights.”

The next priority for the board will be developing pathways for practitioners seeking to earn the CAIP designation. CAIP Canada will be drawing upon established training approaches including the Principles of Marketing Research program offered by the Marketing Research Institute International (MRII). The CAIP Canada board will also be establishing the competency framework and setting a fair but rigorous examination process. 

Professionals who held the designation offered by the former Canadian marketing research association and individuals interested in advancing their careers in analytics and insights are encouraged to subscribe to updates through the CRIC website.

Although CRIC is supporting the establishment of CAIP through start-up financing and resources, CRIC respects CAIP’s independence as a non-profit certification body and does not derive any financial benefits from it.

About CAIP Canada

CAIP Canada is the newly established non-profit association of Certified Analytics and Insights Professionals (CAIPs) in Canada. It establishes the requirements to earn and maintain the CAIP designation. It also promotes the value of the CAIP to professionals seeking to advance their careers in the fields of analytics and insights, including both qualitative and quantitative marketing research. For more information, please contact Robert Wong at

About CRIC

CRIC’s mandate is to develop and approve marketing research standards and supportive programs; provide effective promotion and advocacy for the market and insights research industry in Canada; serve as a source of information for the industry in this country; and be a forum for collective industry action. For more information, visit, or contact John Tabone at

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