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Market Research Myths: Public data offers everything we need

Public data is a valuable resource for market and social researchers. For those who have limited budgets, public data may form the bulk of data available to them. On the other hand, even researchers who have commendable budgets eagerly wait […]

Market Research Mythbusters: Research reports aren’t useful!

When you’ve invested thousands of dollars into a research study, the report should be useful and actionable, one that is regularly studied and referred to. And, if there is a paper version, dog-eared and bookmarked, and weathered with love. With […]

Conducting research is easy… if you understand hundreds of cognitive biases!

If you’re equipped with excellent written or interpersonal communication skills, conducting research is easy. You identify hypotheses, develop questions or discussion guides to address them, and you’re done! Except you’re not done. People come prewired with literally hundreds of cognitive […]

The good, the bad, and the ugly of the NPS score

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a common metric used by management to gauge customer relationships. It consists of a single question that asks about likelihood to recommend. But there is wide disagreement about whether the Net Promoter Score is […]

Can market researchers ditch the p-value?

Among quantitative researchers, p-values are a much desired yet disputed topic. P-values help us by identifying the likelihood that two (or more) numbers in our research results would be different by chance, thereby allowing us to identify which products and […]

Correlation vs Causation and the Battle for Relevant Brand Research Conclusions

The difference between correlation and causation seems fairly straightforward. Correlation means there is some kind of relationship between the variables but it’s impossible to determine if one is the root cause of the other. Causation means there is a predictable […]

Why are Twitter Polls a Bad Idea?

To be fair, we occasionally run Twitter polls. We’ve asked about brand trackers, personal use of cannabis, Thanksgiving food, and a variety of other research topics. Twitter polls are a fun way to encourage people to think about a topic, […]

How Will StatsCan’s New Definitions of Sex and Gender Affect Your Research?

Though some cultures have long appreciated the fluidity of gender, it’s only been in recent years that Western cultures have considered it more broadly and with more acceptance. Some people continue to feel that sex and gender must mean the […]

9 Essential Checks for a Questionnaire Pilot Test

When you’ve finally finished writing your questionnaire, after you’ve written, rewritten, and edited it ten times and the client has rewritten and edited it another ten times, you’re ready to test it in field with a small percentage of your […]

Client Showcase: Van der Pop’s Women and Weed Survey

In a few short months, cannabis will be legal for personal use in Canada.Given that cannabis is literally a brand new category in our country, we have much to learn about who to market to, and how to market to […]