‘Tis the season, the GRIT Report season, and we’re in it!

It’s almost like Hanukkah or Christmas. We know it’s coming, we’re eager to see who topped the list, and we’re anxious to see if WE made the list.


Well, this year, Canadian Viewpoint made the list! We tied for 13th or 26th place on the list of Emerging Players depending on how you want to calculate the rank order.

Literally thousands of marketing and social research companies are working hard to help governments, social services, brand managers, and marketers learn more about what people need and want in their lives. Global companies and local companies as well as strategic advisory companies and highly specialized fieldwork companies like us. To make it anywhere on that list is something to be happy about.

So with that, congratulations to Ipsos, Kantar, Neilsen, LRW, and Zappi for earning the first five spots in the ranking. We’re pretty sure everyone knows why you topped the list!

And, congratulations to our team at Canadian Viewpoint team for being just a little further down a subcategory list. We’re happy to be your trusted local partner on the path to generating high quality qualitative and quantitative insights in Canada.



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With nearly 40 years of experience, Canadian Viewpoint is a field and data collection company that specializes in English and French offline and online services. We offer sample, programming, hosting, mall intercepts, pre-recruits, central location recruitment, mystery shopping, site interviews, IHUTs, sensory testing, discussion boards, CATI, facial coding, and other innovative technologies. Learn more about our services on our website. Canadian Viewpoint is a founding board member of CRIC (Canadian Research Insights Council) and listed on the GRIT 2019 Top 50 list of Emerging Players.

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