Tim Horton’s and Hockey: Staying true to your brand’s mission


If you’re Canadian, you don’t just know the Tim Hortons brand, you feel it in your bones. It’s a brand that’s about more than just coffee and donuts. Just hearing the words instantly brings images of Oh Canada and hockey to mind.

The original Tim Horton was a beloved National Hockey League legend who opened the first restaurant in 1964 in Hamilton, Ontario serving Apple Fritters and Dutchies. (I’m a huge fan of crullers, but if we’re in 1964 then pass me a Dutchie!)

Ten years later, after Tim’s death, his partner Ron Joyce established the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation to honour Tim. In 1982, the company launched the Timbits Minor Sports Program. In 2000, the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation opened its first camp. Now, Tim Hortons sponsors free community swim events in the summer and free community skating events in the winter.


Tim Hortons sells soul-warming soup, sandwiches, coffee, and lots of sweet treats including donuts, pastries, and cookies. But, they regularly remind consumers and customers about their Canadian roots when they use sport as a manifestation of their secondary mission: “Building brighter futures for youth in all our communities.”

If you’re ready to burst with Canadian pride or become an honorary Canadian, enjoy this three-minute video showing yet another occasion of Tim Hortons being true to their brand and contributing to community well-being. Not only do they give regularly give back to local communities in Canada, they also give back to sport in other countries.

Thank you, Timmies. That’s why we love you!

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