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8 Corona Virus Innovations That Will Become Everyday Consumer Items

Remember when people made fun of Whole Foods for selling pre-peeled fruit to lazy shoppers. It was only afterwards that critics realized people with disabilities are unable to eat oranges otherwise. Or all the times that people made fun of […]

Nudge, nudge: An effective psychological technique for improving human behaviour (and selling more stuff)

  It can be really hard to ‘make’ people do things. Chances are, when you ‘make’ them do something, it’s because they don’t actually want to do it and they may try to avoid doing it. So how can we […]

Have car, don’t drive: How market research solved the mystery of car renters who didn’t drive the car anywhere

Making the rounds last week was a news article in The Asahi Shimbun sharing their mysterious problem that a lot of people in Japan were renting cars but never driving them. Given that the company earns at least part of […]

Nancy Drew and the Secret of the Market Research Love Affair

In our high school and college years, most of us has no idea that market research was a career, let alone a career that could be fascinating and personally fulfilling. We magically discovered it when we saw a job listing […]

7 ways market researchers can expense a summer holiday to Bali, Indonesia

If you’ve been burning the midnight oil, I think we can agree that a vacation to an amazing place like Bali is necessary. But it’s not necessarily cheap. Fortunately, we’ve come up with 7 reasons your employer should pay for […]

How To Design an Effective Mystery Shopper Process Flow

In this age of hyper-competition from digital retailers and marketplaces, customer experience has become the top method of differentiating one brand from another and mystery shopping is a great way to measure this. With this research technique, specially trained shoppers […]

Marketing Research Essentials: How to Reduce the Risks of Marketing Innovation Through Consumer Research

Like the academic strategy of “Publish or Perish,” consumer brands often have a strategy of “Innovate or Die.” Many companies see product and service innovations as one of the most important paths to long-term business success. With innovation being a […]

Pink Toast and Other Top Market Research Posts from 2018

In the market research industry, 2018 will forever be known as the arrival year for AI and blockchain (Well done on the first patent, 20/20 research!) In Canada, we also got to witness the birth and growth of a brand-new […]

Flexitarianism: A new eating lifestyle impacting new product development for food and beverage brands

If you were still pondering whether you should be a carnivore, vegetarian, ovo-lacto-vegetarian, pesco-vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan, fruitarian, or omnivore, there is now one more option to add to the list. Flexitarian. As it sounds, flexitarian is a flexible diet. Followers […]

From Brand Seller to Brand Producer: Amazon is betting on its own branded products

What do these products have in common – leather shoes, razors, dresses, throw blankets, and diaper pail bags? The link isn’t obvious. They are all Amazon products. Not simply products sold by Amazon, but products made and sold by Amazon. […]