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Brands Banking on Experiential Marketing in the Q4 Holiday Season

Alibaba, an online retailer out of China, reported $25 BILLION in sales in one day on November 11, 2018. Deloitte reports online shopping is expected to grow 20% this holiday season accounting for more than 55% of all purchases. One […]

Tim Horton’s and Hockey: Staying true to your brand’s mission

If you’re Canadian, you don’t just know the Tim Hortons brand, you feel it in your bones. It’s a brand that’s about more than just coffee and donuts. Just hearing the words instantly brings images of Oh Canada and hockey […]

Five Guys Mystery Shops Every Location Twice Per Week. Why don’t you?

Up until recently, Five Guys, a popular burger store with more than 1500 locations, conducted ZERO advertising and marketing campaigns. They value the customer experience so highly that they send mystery shoppers to every location twice a week. That’s a […]

U&A&H&P: What are the key components to learn about consumers, customers, and category users?

The words are different but the application is the same. Usage and Attitudes studies, also called Habits and Practices studies, help researchers and marketers understand consumers and customers in order to build and innovate products and services. They are an […]

Getting to know all about you: An introduction to the Shop-Along research methodology

Shop-alongs are a type of qualitative research wherein a trained researcher conducts observational research and one-to-one, in-depth interviews in-situ, during consumers’ shopping trips. In essence, the researcher “shops along” with the person. This methodology allows the researcher to gather in-the-moment […]

Experiential Marketing 101: How to ensure the success of your brand activation event

Whether you’re a retailer, restaurant, or industry event, experiential marketing is a great way for brands to create unique, hands-on, and engaging experiences that attract new customers and generate more loyal existing customers. And with the help of social media, […]

Market Research Mythbusters: Research reports aren’t useful!

When you’ve invested thousands of dollars into a research study, the report should be useful and actionable, one that is regularly studied and referred to. And, if there is a paper version, dog-eared and bookmarked, and weathered with love. With […]

Conducting research is easy… if you understand hundreds of cognitive biases!

If you’re equipped with excellent written or interpersonal communication skills, conducting research is easy. You identify hypotheses, develop questions or discussion guides to address them, and you’re done! Except you’re not done. People come prewired with literally hundreds of cognitive […]

The good, the bad, and the ugly of the NPS score

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a common metric used by management to gauge customer relationships. It consists of a single question that asks about likelihood to recommend. But there is wide disagreement about whether the Net Promoter Score is […]

What are the key features of a perfect package test?

Creating effective packaging to display products on a shelf is not as simple as stuffing a few handfuls of macaroni into a plastic bag or a box. A great package is functional, accessible, attractive, unique in its own right, and […]