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Trends That Will Define 2021 and Beyond In Market Research

As consumers and brands around the world keep adjusting to the next normal, we had to rewrite our strategies and pivot our operations as well. Our digital capabilities allow us to continue to conduct studies and surveys online and offline. Our quantitative studies were unphased for the most part in the last […] Read more >

Words of wisdom to get your research job done right the first time

The essence of market research is understanding who buys what, where, when, why, and how. From campaign and ad testing, to shopping research, new product development, pricing research, concept testing and more, novice and expert researchers always have something new […]

What I 3 about you.

. What is a like? It’s a question on a survey, a verbal answer to a human moderator, or a button click on LinkedIn, Twitter, or TikTok. But what is it REALLY? What does a cerebral, subjective feeling of ‘like’ […]

Reflect, Connect, and Get Centered: Join a Canada-Wide Virtual Networking Event with WIRe

. Canadian Viewpoint is delighted to support the upcoming Women in Research Toronto event! WIRe Toronto will be hosting its first national event on December 15th. Join your colleagues from across Canada for virtual networking! Since many of us are […]

Market Research Is Just Another Way to Talk about Logical Fallacies

. Obviously, consumers like your package, your product, your service. The brand manager said consumers like it. It’s impossible to prove consumers don’t like it. Consumers obviously don’t hate it. Sales are increasing so consumers must like it. Besides, everyone […]

Can you guess my bias?

Can you? Can you guess my bias? Am I biased against products that are sustainable because they aren’t effective? Am I biased against products that are NOT sustainable because they destroy the earth? Am I biased against products that are […]