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Thank you, Teachers, for getting kids interested in the marketing research industry

Look at any list of what kids want to be when they grow up and you’ll find teachers, athletes, firefighters, police officers, pilots, veterinarians, and doctors. This makes sense, of course, because these are the professions that kids are most […]

When is a mall-intercept the best market research methodology?

As the name suggests, mall-intercept studies entail intercepting people at a mall in order to engage in a dialogue and gather their opinions about a pre-determined topic using either qualitative or quantitative techniques. As with any research methodology, there are […]

Mall intercept research: A quick guide to pros, cons, and the safety of your intellectual property

Some people say that mall-intercept research is a study in the art of interrupting people. I prefer to think of it as the study of people in a neutral, natural setting. If you’ve ever visited a mall (and there are […]

What products work well for the IHUT research methodology?

By Kim Storer Your imagination is the limit! While IHUTs are not recommended for very expensive or confidential products, consumers can test nearly anything in the comfort of their own home. Consumables: It doesn’t matter if a product needs to […]

What are the disadvantages of the IHUT research methodology?

By Kim Storer It’s a bit difficult to list out the disadvantages of IHUTs as the advantages are so abundant. But, even the best of products aren’t always best for IHUT testing. Let’s consider some reasons why you might choose […]

What are the advantages of the IHUT research methodology?

By Kim Storer Market researchers and brand managers have many tools available to them, from focus groups, to interviews, questionnaires, communities, facial coding, and more. So why would they choose an IHUT? Well, IHUTS offer numerous benefits. Touchy feely products: […]

What exactly is the IHUT research methodology?

By Kim Storer If you tuned into this post because of an interest in football, I’ll let you down easy by sharing this little-known fact. The pithy cry ‘Hut!’ evolved over the last 100 years as a quick, snappy sound […]

When Smell-O-Vision lets you down, a sensory test will cheer you up!

By wearing some hefty goggles, you can experience any imaginable type of inhospitable or impractical environment, from flying through space to swimming with sharks and running around an ant hill. Right now, gaming and entertainment dominate virtual reality (VR) and […]

Stories from the Research Field Director: It’s raining turkey jokes!

Stories from the Research Field Director: It’s raining turkey jokes! Read more >

Hello Marketing Research World!

With nearly 40 years of expertise in the Canadian market research space, we’ve collected together a lot of stories. Funny stories, heartwarming stories, and downright strange and outrageous stories. We’ve also learned a lot. Not only have we learned a […]