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Market Research Myths: Public data offers everything we need

Public data is a valuable resource for market and social researchers. For those who have limited budgets, public data may form the bulk of data available to them. On the other hand, even researchers who have commendable budgets eagerly wait […]

Can market researchers ditch the p-value?

Among quantitative researchers, p-values are a much desired yet disputed topic. P-values help us by identifying the likelihood that two (or more) numbers in our research results would be different by chance, thereby allowing us to identify which products and […]

What are the different types of marketing segmentation?

In the marketing world, segmentation research involves identifying subgroups of people within a larger population so that each subgroup has similar needs or desires. Understanding the various segments of people within a product or service category allows marketers to design […]

Chunking: What shall we do with a questionnaire that’s too long?

You have many options when a questionnaire is simply too long to start programming and fieldwork because it will generate poor response rates and poor data quality. You can cut answer options. You can cut questions. You can vastly increase […]

When to use a probability versus a nonprobability sample

There are two main types of samples and researchers are regularly at odds with each other over which one is better. In reality, neither is better. Each one is better suited for some needs and less so for other needs. […]

How to create great subject lines for email survey invitations

Ever since researchers realized that people could be invited to participate in research via email (wow, has it really been 20 years?), crafting effective subject lines has been an essential and tricky part of the research business. What is the […]

Full Service or Specialized Service: Which research provider is right for you?

With a full range of potential market research partners at our fingertips, how do you know when to use specialized research providers or outsource projects in one fell swoop to a single research provider? Let’s review the options. Full service […]

Why would anyone use a biased snowball sample for legitimate research?

What is a snowball sample? As I write this, snowflakes are floating by my window making for the perfect winter setting. If I’m lucky, the temperature will hover at the precise point where it is both cold enough and warm […]

7 Tips to Update Your Brand Tracker

Every year, we end up with the same task. Do a quick update of every annual tracker and get it into field – now! But really, a quick update should actually be a careful and thorough update. By ensuring the […]

5 free ways to increase questionnaire engagement

My questionnaire is the most interesting and engaging questionnaire ever written. Not. Every researcher likes to think that the questionnaires they write are of excellent quality and highly engaging. That’s a worthy goal, and one we should strive for everyone […]