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Canadian Viewpoint remains committed to the health and wellness of its employees, our partners, and our community

In the face of COVID-19, Canadian Viewpoint remains committed to the health and wellness of its employees and our community, as well as ensuring business continuity for our clients, vendors, and partners. Canadian Viewpoint has multiple lines of business, each […]

Tim Horton’s in-home coffee offering proves successful after a superior experiential marketing campaign

Assuming you even watch TV now that Netflix has taken over, do you remember seeing this Tim Horton’s ad on TV? For more than 25 years, consumers have enjoyed brew-at-home, single-cup devices like Keurig, Nespresso, and Tassimo. And, over the […]

Experiential Marketing 101: How to ensure the success of your brand activation event

Whether you’re a retailer, restaurant, or industry event, experiential marketing is a great way for brands to create unique, hands-on, and engaging experiences that attract new customers and generate more loyal existing customers. And with the help of social media, […]

From field to lab to virtual research methods: How to choose the right degree of external validity for your product shelf-test

Consumers don’t usually consciously think about their process of picking an item off the store shelf but market researchers do. Shelf-tests help researchers better understand that process, particularly when the consumer decision seems arbitrary or illogical. This type of research […]

4 Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Qualitative Research Recruiter

From focus groups to individual interviews and every qualitative technique in between, once you’ve decided that conducting qualitative research is the best option to solve your research problem, choosing a recruiter who will best suit your needs is the next […]

Thank you, Teachers, for getting kids interested in the marketing research industry

Look at any list of what kids want to be when they grow up and you’ll find teachers, athletes, firefighters, police officers, pilots, veterinarians, and doctors. This makes sense, of course, because these are the professions that kids are most […]

When is a mall-intercept the best market research methodology?

As the name suggests, mall-intercept studies entail intercepting people at a mall in order to engage in a dialogue and gather their opinions about a pre-determined topic using either qualitative or quantitative techniques. As with any research methodology, there are […]

Mall intercept research: A quick guide to pros, cons, and the safety of your intellectual property

Some people say that mall-intercept research is a study in the art of interrupting people. I prefer to think of it as the study of people in a neutral, natural setting. If you’ve ever visited a mall (and there are […]

Do you know: What are qualitative recruiters required to share with participants?

Asking people to be a part of qualitative research, whether that involves in-person interviews as part of a mall intercept or focus groups at central locations around the country, requires much more than simply getting a yes or no from […]

The impact of Quebec and Ontario demographic differences on research design

By Kim Storer Some Canadian statistics are pretty easy to guess especially if you’re a resident. Though we may generalize and say that Ontario and Quebec are about the same size, the population of Ontario is actually about 70% larger. […]