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6 Canadian Founders Who Are the Definition of Turning Inspiration into Innovation

The inspiration for product innovation comes from many different places. Sometimes, it’s a lifestyle change that necessitates new needs that aren’t being met with existing products. Other times, it’s a longing to do and be better, with a focus on […]

8 Corona Virus Innovations That Will Become Everyday Consumer Items

Remember when people made fun of Whole Foods for selling pre-peeled fruit to lazy shoppers. It was only afterwards that critics realized people with disabilities are unable to eat oranges otherwise. Or all the times that people made fun of […]

Virtual Workshop: Generating Lead Flow and Making Sales in a Social Distancing Environment

Every business is in the midst of one pivot or another. Whether it’s starting or upping your eCommerce capabilities, repurposing your facilities to meet an urgent need, or transitioning your workforce into a new way of working, we’re all struggling […]

Reassess, Reboot, and Research: What’s next for brands whose research projects were interrupted?

Almost overnight, it seemed as though every company conducting research pressed the pause button. Concepts that had been carefully planned over weeks and months no longer seemed quite right. Events depending on experiential research would no longer be possible. In-person […]

Nudge, nudge: An effective psychological technique for improving human behaviour (and selling more stuff)

  It can be really hard to ‘make’ people do things. Chances are, when you ‘make’ them do something, it’s because they don’t actually want to do it and they may try to avoid doing it. So how can we […]

Design Thinking for Market Researchers

The term Design Thinking can be intimidating. You’ve probably heard it used in lofty, high level terms times by highly creative people. But Design Thinking isn’t just for creative people building innovative new products. It’s an extremely relatable way of […]

What if everything you’re doing to design a marketing research study is wrong?

Chances are, most everything you’re doing when it comes to marketing research is based on a template. You’ve got standardized questionnaire modules that you tweak and edit so that they’re relevant to each project. You’ve got a set of 3 […]

Have car, don’t drive: How market research solved the mystery of car renters who didn’t drive the car anywhere

Making the rounds last week was a news article in The Asahi Shimbun sharing their mysterious problem that a lot of people in Japan were renting cars but never driving them. Given that the company earns at least part of […]

Bring Us Your Boats! Would your product or service be successful in the Canadian market?

Love it or hate it, Canada is famous for poutine, that ooey gooey concoction of piping hot gravy, thick-cut French fries, and fresh curd cheese. (Canadians know you have to use fresh curd cheese, the kind that was made this […]

Thank you millennials for bringing healthy and flavourful back to food

We’ve all read the posts about how millennials killed fabric softener, banks, and bar soap. Millennials became the much-appreciated scapegoat for nearly any kind of product that failed to disrupt and meet the evolving needs of today’s consumers. But isn’t […]