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Ten Most Useful Canview Posts of 2019

As providers of a wide range of data collection and fieldwork methodologies, our blog helps clients trying to solve many different marketing problems. From new product development to package design and usability testing, researchers need to stay on top of […]

How to write open-ended questions that lead to actionable insights

Whether you conduct interviews, discussion boards, focus groups, shop-alongs, questionnaires, or something else, open-ended questions are the most powerful questions that researchers have in their toolbox. The value they generate is undeniable. Let’s work through some of the pros and […]

Focus Groups Are Better Than Biometrics for Marketing Research

Yes, that’s a clickbait title. It’s also a very common and genuine sentiment. If you run a quick search on Twitter for “better than focus groups,” you can see that they take a lot of heat for not being the […]

It’s not easy to write a questionnaire and this is the proof

If you’re reading this post, chances are you know how to write. You’ve been writing your name since you were 4 years of age and you’ve been writing well composed sentences since you were about 10 years of age. Of […]

It’s A Matter of Life or Death: Applications of Medical Market Research

Unlike a lot of consumer research, market research conducted in the healthcare space has very real life or death consequences. Packages that are misread or misunderstand, or packages that are difficult to open or manipulate reduce treatment compliance from both […]

Disadvantages of Qualitative Market Research: Science, subjectivity, and sample sizes

In our previous blog post, we shared numerous advantages of qualitative research from its ability to let participants experience concept materials in greater detail, to serendipitous findings, and helping marketers understand the imperfect human being behind the data. Of course, […]

Advantages of Qualitative Research: System 1, serendipity, and a bird in the hand

Qualitative research includes an extraordinary range of highly useful techniques. It includes techniques where numbers don’t matter (very much) and straying from the plan (a little bit) is a good thing. But what, specifically, is so great about qualitative research? […]

Qualitative Research Techniques: How To Recruit Suitable Qualitative Research Participants

Have you ever watched a market research focus group or interview and realized that the participants weren’t quite suited for the occasion? Recruiting great participants has little to do with how friendly or talkative a person is so let’s go […]

Qualitative Research Techniques: Eight Characteristics of an Effective Market Research In-Depth Interviewer

It takes a special person to spend 90 minutes individually interviewing research participants about an unknown product and come away with interesting and insightful information. It takes an even more impressive person to be able to do that with 15 […]

The Value Is More Than The Nitty Gritty Details: Launching High Quality IHUTS and Product Tests for Marketing Research Studies

DIY has been a hot topic in the market research space for a number of years, ever since the first truly user-friendly questionnaire design tool was developed. Though DIY is a fabulous way for experienced researchers to get their results […]