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Why CATI? Top 3 factors that influence the success of your CATI surveys

CATI is one of the most used and efficient market research methodologies that obtains data by integrating four components: computer software, script, interviewer, and participants. In this method, the interviewer follows a computer-generated script and uses a keyboard to record […]

IHUT Safety Procedures Get a Permanent Upgrade at Canadian Viewpoint

As many researchers are doing, we have been paying close attention to the recommendations of Canadian and global epidemiologists, pandemic experts, and government experts. It’s been an intense and necessary education about the interpretation and application of a type of […]

Reassess, Reboot, and Research: What’s next for brands whose research projects were interrupted?

Almost overnight, it seemed as though every company conducting research pressed the pause button. Concepts that had been carefully planned over weeks and months no longer seemed quite right. Events depending on experiential research would no longer be possible. In-person […]

How to write open-ended questions that lead to actionable insights

Whether you conduct interviews, discussion boards, focus groups, shop-alongs, questionnaires, or something else, open-ended questions are the most powerful questions that researchers have in their toolbox. The value they generate is undeniable. Let’s work through some of the pros and […]

It’s not easy to write a questionnaire and this is the proof

If you’re reading this post, chances are you know how to write. You’ve been writing your name since you were 4 years of age and you’ve been writing well composed sentences since you were about 10 years of age. Of […]

How to design market research telephone interviews that generate top quality data

Despite the massive success of online surveys and the growing use of chatbot and artificial intelligence voice surveys, telephone surveys continue to be a popular research methodology. Whether you need qualitative or quantitative data, a telephone call is a great […]

Beth Depatie Joins Canadian Viewpoint as Call Centre & Project Manager

February 6, 2019, Markham: Beth Depatie has joined the Canadian Viewpoint team as Call Centre & Project Manager. In this role, Beth will be responsible for managing our Markham call centre operations, including managing day-to-day activities, ensuring telephone research projects […]

U&A&H&P: What are the key components to learn about consumers, customers, and category users?

The words are different but the application is the same. Usage and Attitudes studies, also called Habits and Practices studies, help researchers and marketers understand consumers and customers in order to build and innovate products and services. They are an […]

When to use a probability versus a nonprobability sample

There are two main types of samples and researchers are regularly at odds with each other over which one is better. In reality, neither is better. Each one is better suited for some needs and less so for other needs. […]

Where does qualitative research stand today: Thoughts on the 2017 Q3/4 GRIT Report

The GRIT report is a tracker conducted by GreenBook to better understand the status of the marketing research industry. It reports on the use of emerging research methods, traditional research methods, how research is used, and how researchers go about […]