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Harnessing the Power of Mystery Shopping to Elevate Your Brand

In today’s era of intense competition among digital retailers and marketplaces, providing an exceptional customer experience has emerged as one of the most effective strategies for setting one brand apart. To gauge the effectiveness of a company’s brand promise, mystery […]

8 Corona Virus Innovations That Will Become Everyday Consumer Items

Remember when people made fun of Whole Foods for selling pre-peeled fruit to lazy shoppers. It was only afterwards that critics realized people with disabilities are unable to eat oranges otherwise. Or all the times that people made fun of […]

Reassess, Reboot, and Research: What’s next for brands whose research projects were interrupted?

Almost overnight, it seemed as though every company conducting research pressed the pause button. Concepts that had been carefully planned over weeks and months no longer seemed quite right. Events depending on experiential research would no longer be possible. In-person […]

Canadian Viewpoint remains committed to the health and wellness of its employees, our partners, and our community

In the face of COVID-19, Canadian Viewpoint remains committed to the health and wellness of its employees and our community, as well as ensuring business continuity for our clients, vendors, and partners. Canadian Viewpoint has multiple lines of business, each […]

Focus Groups Are Better Than Biometrics for Marketing Research

Yes, that’s a clickbait title. It’s also a very common and genuine sentiment. If you run a quick search on Twitter for “better than focus groups,” you can see that they take a lot of heat for not being the […]

7 ways market researchers can expense a summer holiday to Bali, Indonesia

If you’ve been burning the midnight oil, I think we can agree that a vacation to an amazing place like Bali is necessary. But it’s not necessarily cheap. Fortunately, we’ve come up with 7 reasons your employer should pay for […]

How To Design an Effective Mystery Shopper Process Flow

In this age of hyper-competition from digital retailers and marketplaces, customer experience has become the top method of differentiating one brand from another and mystery shopping is a great way to measure this. With this research technique, specially trained shoppers […]

Five Guys Mystery Shops Every Location Twice Per Week. Why don’t you?

Up until recently, Five Guys, a popular burger store with more than 1500 locations, conducted ZERO advertising and marketing campaigns. They value the customer experience so highly that they send mystery shoppers to every location twice a week. That’s a […]

Where does qualitative research stand today: Thoughts on the 2017 Q3/4 GRIT Report

The GRIT report is a tracker conducted by GreenBook to better understand the status of the marketing research industry. It reports on the use of emerging research methods, traditional research methods, how research is used, and how researchers go about […]

A Plan for Change: Market research goals you can actually accomplish this year

I’m pretty tired of New Year’s Resolutions that are completely unattainable. Only an incredibly tiny minority of people ARE able to lose those 25 pounds, write in their mindfulness journal every day, or read a novel every month. With that […]