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Ethnography Fieldtrip Options To Maximize Your Travel to ESOMAR Congress (also known as fun, local day trips!)

Justifying the costs of flights and hotels is sometimes difficult. That’s why you need to increase their value by combining them with ethnography field trips. These trips help you broaden your understanding of diverse human cultures so that you are […]

Disadvantages of Qualitative Market Research: Science, subjectivity, and sample sizes

In our previous blog post, we shared numerous advantages of qualitative research from its ability to let participants experience concept materials in greater detail, to serendipitous findings, and helping marketers understand the imperfect human being behind the data. Of course, […]

Advantages of Qualitative Research: System 1, serendipity, and a bird in the hand

Qualitative research includes an extraordinary range of highly useful techniques. It includes techniques where numbers don’t matter (very much) and straying from the plan (a little bit) is a good thing. But what, specifically, is so great about qualitative research? […]

Qualitative Research Techniques: How To Recruit Suitable Qualitative Research Participants

Have you ever watched a market research focus group or interview and realized that the participants weren’t quite suited for the occasion? Recruiting great participants has little to do with how friendly or talkative a person is so let’s go […]

Qualitative Research Techniques: Eight Characteristics of an Effective Market Research In-Depth Interviewer

It takes a special person to spend 90 minutes individually interviewing research participants about an unknown product and come away with interesting and insightful information. It takes an even more impressive person to be able to do that with 15 […]

Qualitative Research Techniques: Nine Attributes of a Successful Focus Group Moderator

A great focus group moderator has an abundance of interpersonal and communication skills that few people have and many people wish they had. If you’re building your learning plan for the year with hopes of becoming a great moderator yourself, […]

Conducting research is easy… if you understand hundreds of cognitive biases!

If you’re equipped with excellent written or interpersonal communication skills, conducting research is easy. You identify hypotheses, develop questions or discussion guides to address them, and you’re done! Except you’re not done. People come prewired with literally hundreds of cognitive […]

4 Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Qualitative Research Recruiter

From focus groups to individual interviews and every qualitative technique in between, once you’ve decided that conducting qualitative research is the best option to solve your research problem, choosing a recruiter who will best suit your needs is the next […]