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9 Essential Checks for a Questionnaire Pilot Test

When you’ve finally finished writing your questionnaire, after you’ve written, rewritten, and edited it ten times and the client has rewritten and edited it another ten times, you’re ready to test it in field with a small percentage of your […]

5 free ways to increase questionnaire engagement

My questionnaire is the most interesting and engaging questionnaire ever written. Not. Every researcher likes to think that the questionnaires they write are of excellent quality and highly engaging. That’s a worthy goal, and one we should strive for everyone […]

Are your research screeners kicking out the most insightful questionnaire participants?

We know who our target research audience is. Or do we? Conducting market research for your product or service usually means targeting your brand users. Who better to explain the good, the bad, and the ugly than those who already […]

Should I worry if a focus group participant contradicts themselves?

Though their use has somewhat declined given the arrival of the accessible internet, focus groups are still a very much needed tool in the market researchers toolkit. Indeed, based solely on a Google Trends chart, we’ve relied on them quite […]

What sample size do I need for my market research questionnaire?

The question is simple but the answer is complicated. I hope you’ll read through the entire post but you can jump to the bottom if you’re in a hurry for an answer. First, let’s understand the components that contribute to […]

How to ask gender, age, employment, and income questions on self-completion surveys

Demographic questions should be fairly easy to ask as everyone knows the right answer for themselves. But it’s not always so simple. Here are a few tips for asking those ‘simple’ questions that will help you elicit the most valid […]

Top 5 tips for writing a questionnaire people will want to answer

By Sasha Haig Everyone who writes questionnaires wants to be rewarded with high response rates and high completion rates. This is not always easy, particularly when a questionnaire is long or about a topic that many people would find boring. […]