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December diversity brings merry, happy, and joy

.<p>https://youtu.be/ZOKjILlg3bo</p> There’s no better time of year to be reminded of how diverse people are. Some of our most important and loved occasions fall within this short time span. Diwali St. Nicholas Day Bodhi Day Hanukkah Christmas Kwanzaa Festivus Obviously, […]

What I 3 about you.

. What is a like? It’s a question on a survey, a verbal answer to a human moderator, or a button click on LinkedIn, Twitter, or TikTok. But what is it REALLY? What does a cerebral, subjective feeling of ‘like’ […]

Reflect, Connect, and Get Centered: Join a Canada-Wide Virtual Networking Event with WIRe

. Canadian Viewpoint is delighted to support the upcoming Women in Research Toronto event! WIRe Toronto will be hosting its first national event on December 15th. Join your colleagues from across Canada for virtual networking! Since many of us are […]

Can you guess my bias?

Can you? Can you guess my bias? Am I biased against products that are sustainable because they aren’t effective? Am I biased against products that are NOT sustainable because they destroy the earth? Am I biased against products that are […]